Dining in Cells of Hell

Sheela Joby | 25-Sep-2016

Wish to have a meal in Prison? - Welcome to Central Jail Restaurant

You must have heard about prisoners grinding mills in cages and preparing meals. But have you ever thought about having a meal in the same environment? Yes, the same environment. Wait, Before you start planning to commit a crime, let me tell you about the Central Jail Restaurant in Bangalore. Yes, that’s right; this Central Jail Restaurant in the Garden City will teleport you to the insides of a jail, wherein waiters dressed in convict uniforms shall serve you delicacies from a variety of cuisines. Prison guards, hanging bulbs, caged enclosures, rustic walls, etc. give its diners the experience of a lifetime.

Dining in Cells of Hell

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The Central Jail Restaurant beckons you to the world devoid of worldly leisure and new-age luxuries. The moment you enter this restaurant, the entire theme will be similar to a prison. The characters and environs of this restaurant will take you to an entirely different world, and you can feel as if someone has locked you up there.

The models wearing the jail uniform welcome you in this hell like place. The restaurant has multiple prison cells meant for sitting purposes. Each cell is marked with a unique number, and you can choose your favourite one. Perhaps, these were not enough to get you the complete feel; that’s why the hanging bulbs with dim lights and brick walls instead of decorating ones were recommended by the creator of this restaurant and rightly so. The poster of jailors on these walls will even make the theme livelier. 

The hanging rifles from the roof and napkin trays will surely attract and leave you mesmerised.

Now, one may think, does the Central Jail Restaurant, Bangalore will serve the same quality of food as the prisoners get in a prison? Well, the answer is never, never, ever, ever. The Central Jail Restaurant Bangalore will only provide the atmosphere of jail; they will not treat you the same. In fact, they have some great food options like Indian, Chinese, Continental, Roasted Specials, Andhra and much more.

The staff of Central Jail Restaurant, Bangalore is also dressed as Jailers and Inmates. The quality of food has been rated as the top by the customers. So, what further can you ask for, the delicious food along with Prison Atmosphere?

Dining in Cells of Hell

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The Central Jail Restaurant, Bangalore is considered as one of the best theme restaurants in Bangalore. The restaurant opens at around 12:30 PM noon to 3.30 PM and 6.30 PM evening to 10.30 PM and for any query mail them at cjrestro@gmail.com. The regular customers will also get attractive discounts, and they can avail them at any time of the day. The Happy Hour Discount is also available here.

This Restaurant has a particular hall, where you can come with your family and friends and party to the fullest. The loud music along with the Prison Theme will surely make you feel party to a whole new level which you have never experienced before.

Nowadays, one can find many theme restaurants, but what makes this one different from others? The answer is simple, quality of food and services to customers. Despite being, one of the favourable themed Restaurants in Bangalore, they have never compromised on quality and they never will. Some customers have even agreed to the fact that their quality is getting more and more improved with every single day.

I am very excited after hearing so much about this restaurant and would surely like to pay a visit here soon. And what you are waiting for, don’t you want to experience how does it feel having a meal in a Prison?

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