Distant Love!

Saurabh Kumar | 08-Nov-2016

It was another night when both of them were fighting for the same reason they used to fight again and again. There is a thing about us, the creatures with some feels and a slightly thin layer of the brain which tag us with human, we always crave for more and more and create never-ending longings.

Distant Love

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He was a failure in real life. The word failure here doesn't make him a loser. It was just that he failed to stand on expectations of his parents. Precisely, he failed to stand on the expectations of his father and it turned into a tsunami of emotional change in him. The
father-son relationship turned into "two strangers living under the same roof." He started seeking corner of his house to avoid people around them.

In this era of technology and social networking he got himself on Facebook, talking every random person, to avoid those suicidal thoughts. Slowly it turned into the habit and addiction later. The guy who used to stammer while talking to girls became a flirt. He learnt
how to use those cheesy Bollywood dialogues and that helped him to get adminship of a page. And there he met her. She is one hell of a girl, high on humour, sarcastic when needed and always chirping, always laughing, a happy go lucky girl.

A comment on his post and they started talking through comments, trolling each other. And when you start doing something on the regular basis, you start getting used to it. You feel restless when you don't find it one day or another and that is when you realise how important someone or something is to you. Isn't it weird that it takes someone's absence to make us feel how important they are? In those span of trolling, commenting, and roasting days they developed a good bond. There is this good thing about spending time with someone — we start sensing their little bit emotional change like what makes them happy, what saddens them, and what makes them uncomfortable, and who are the person they are jealous of.

Mind you jealously is the best thing about a relationship only if it is taken in a good way. It gives you the assurance that they too feel about you the same way you feel for them. They both never labelled the bond they shared. They just went with the flow. And we can't label every relationship. Right?

He was all happy with the life he was living and it was helping him to settle down emotionally and getting back his real life charm. He used to get that emotional breakdown because at times most of us think we should be less dependent on our parents while growing up, but don't we need them the most during those days? Don't we need them to back us when we fail? Don't we expect them to guide us rather playing 'you better stop showing me your face and I'll not even talk to you loser' game? Well, life has its own plan for everyone.

Anyway, when someone starts making it to your heart, you know you're going to have a bad time when they will not be around. She used to cheer him up when his 'you have more mood swings than girl' side used to own him. And she really deserves an award for this. Those late night talks made both of them realise how incomplete they are without talking to each other. When someone loves you for what you're irrespective of everything else, you owe yourself to them. But everything doesn't happen how we want them to happen. She is a girl of her own conditions.Always backing him emotionally, pulling him out from depressed nights but never saw herself. She is iota for him. He hasn't seen the girl he dreams about. His ears are still tempting to those words he only read in texts. His lips are still craving the touch of her lips to quench those feeling of being her. He still gets nostalgic thinking of smelling the scent of her hair. His embrace is still waiting for her to come and fill the void. So now you know the reason why they were fighting for the zillionth time.

There is this thing about love, when you love someone you agree to do anything to make them happy. Many of us call it fear of losing someone you love, I call it as one of those rare moments when Bollywood dialogues start making sense. Maybe, that is the only reason he never let the stubborn guy in him win whenever the battle was against her. And like after every other fight he shoved his head in his pillow wondering about the possible reasons stopping her from showing her face to the guy she loves? Will he ever will meet the person who's another side of the mobile screen? Will he ever get to kiss those dimples she gets after reading his texts? Will he ever get to cuddle and let her know how much she means to him? Will he ever kiss those lips and tell her how much he loves her? Will he ever get a chance to hold her tight, so tight to make her feel how hard it is for him living without her? Doubting himself does he even deserve his love?

All these 'will' took him to a dreamland where he can love her and slept in hope for the best and summing up his life in these two lines - 

Roz Khwabo Mein Jeeta Hoon Woh Zindagi,
Jo Tere Saath Maine Hakikat Mein Sochi Thi.

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