DIY Business and selling homemade items

Sheela Joby | 08-Oct-2016

A creative mind reaches souls directly.

Since the word is changing economically every day and things are getting more and more expensive, so some extra income is always welcomed. Moreover, it needs no proper degree or qualification. If you have some artistic touch in yourself then you can run a business successfully and may become an entrepreneur. Running a business from home usually involves women as they are mostly housewives or even if they work outside, then also they can run their business from home. History has also proved that women are no less than man.

DIY Business and selling homemade items

Women: A wife, a mother and an Entrepreneur too

Being a woman, you can do a lot of things single-handedly. Whether it is homemaking, looking after the children, working out in the office or running your own business, you can do almost anything. And with an extra talent of cooking, your business will touch the stars. You just have to do a little bit of planning before setting up the whole thing. First, you need to know what you are expert in and then start arranging stuff and permissions for it and then you are ready to go.

Check out these amazing DIY ideas to start business from the comforts of your home:

1. Biscuit, cookies or sweet making - Homemade biscuits and confectioners are in great demand and can be a great seller. You can put on a pamphlet outside your house to do the advertising or can simply bake and pack them well and send them to the nearest gift shop for reselling. Also, let your friends and relatives know about your new business so that during occasions they can buy bulk products from you.

DIY Business and selling homemade items

2. Catering services - If you can cook varieties of food and can deliver to people then lady this is the point from where you can start from. Know about places that need food in bulk which may either be offices, schools, hostels or some functions from the internet. Contact them and meet them with your sample of food. Once they like your food talk about other things such as when they need, how much quantity they need and also the payment. Then deliver it on the day and get your payment done. It can be every day or weekly twice or thrice for offices or schools. So it can be more profitable for you. To start it you just have to get health and safety approvals first.

3. Cake making and decorating - If you have that artistic touch of making a yummy and delicious cake that everyone loves to eat, then you got one more option for your business. You can talk to your friends, relatives and neighbours about your business and ask them if they have any occasion approaching and needs to get a cake or know someone of the same then can let you know. You can make and amazing cake and deliver it to their place and this will be kind of an advertisement as a lot of other people will also taste your cake.

4. Pickle making - If you know how to make tasty pickles that are mouth watering, then you surely needs to start doing something. You can begin in this manner- prepare pickles and pack them well and send some of the bottles to your friends, relatives and neighbours as a free sample. After sending them get their opinion and then let them know about your business and ask them to tell others as well. And this is called a smart woman’s move.

5. Snacks and wafers - Snacks and wafers are always in the top of the list as people like them a lot. Whatever the situation may be people always eat chips, wafers and dry snacks. It is something everyone has a stock in their kitchen. So when you got your hands on them why not let the whole world know. Prepare varieties of wafers and send them to your local shop for reselling and also involve your known persons to get your business run.

DIY Business and selling homemade items

6. Open a mini restaurant- You got a small space behind your house then, why not utilise it. Moreover, if you stay near somewhere to the interest of tourists or student area then you don’t have to think twice. Just set up the place accordingly and keep few things in the menu and put on boards in places nearby so that people get to know and could come down. Just check out all the legal things before starting.

If you got some other interesting ideas then you can also go with it. As long as you are expert in it and comfortable at doing it you are doing great. So start your business today and become an entrepreneur.

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