Does forever really exist ?

Neelakshi Digarse | 05-Oct-2016

Well, we can never have a specific answer to this question. When we think of forever in a practical sense, it is really not possible for we mortals to have forever. 
We live a life where we never know how close we are to the end.

So, why do we say 'I love you forever? ' Is it only for the sake of making the other person feel good or does it holds an actual meaning in our life? 

Do forever really exists

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Lovers are found everywhere. Lovers are changed every day. 
Cheating, heartbreak, envy, insecurities — well there are thousands of reasons for falling relationships. Today, we give too little and expect a little too much. We want our loved one to give us the world where on the same page we don't care about their little wishes. 
We give to many promises but how many of them are kept or even tried to keep up with.

Nothing I emphasise Nothing hurts more then unkept words.

So, now I come to where I asked you 'does forever really exist?'

Well yes, it does but not in the measure of time but in the measure of your actions and words. 
Forever does not mean that time will never end for us, rather forever stands for making the most of this moment.

If you say you love someone, give them that little extra of everything. 
Extra time, extra affection, and extra care. 
Yes, love is above every materialistic thing — you don't need to show to the world about how much you love someone.

Forever is not measured in time but in moments. 
Today we all need to reconsider our concepts of love.
We all want our relationships to works for us but we don't make any efforts to work on them.
Don't you think the world would be a lot prettier if we don't leave everything on its own and try to work on stuff to make them better? 
In this world it is really easy to get attracted to someone and fall in love but isn't it amazingly strange it is easier to call out of love. We fall out of love as easy as we fall in love.

End our forever as easy as we spell it.

This world is coloured by love otherwise. It is an empty canvas longing for brushes to cover the wounds of hatred.

For almost every one of today, the only place to seek comfort is in the arms of our lover. So if you say that you love someone, give them that extra little of everything. All of us want someone to make us feel special and want to make us feel that there's nothing more important to them in front of us; that someone says your name with sparkling eyes and holds your hands in front of the world and say that, they feel proud to be with you.

The world today is really mean and difficult to live in. So only love can take us ahead. If you say that you love someone darling go ahead and prove it. Do that extra little — take that extra effort and I can guarantee you will love without looking for escapes — you will see the difference in your relationship and for sure you will get what you are giving away.

If you love them you should accept everything about them even the bad things about them, and once after you have accepted them then try and help them to change and grow into someone better. Don't shake them off for being the way they are, even if they are doing something bad; rather my love please try and help them understand the right thing and what should be done.

This is the only way to have forever in the limited days we have on this earth.

If you say forever to someone, I request you to understand that forever doesn't happen on its own, you have to work for it. Live every moment with your loved one like it's your last. Love is more of a commitment — a decision of risking everything you have; everything you want; and everything that you want to be in this life for one soul whose voice you choose; whose body you decide to keep close; whose happiness you know you wanted to share; whose problems and misfortune you know you had the guts to bare; whose name you know you will be proud to have your own even if they are meek in real; who you choose among the million choices you have in this star.
Love is an intangible force that can be both a motivator or a destructor. Does forever really exist ? 

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