Eight Keys To Success

Harshul Shah | 11-Jan-2017

1. Be Pliable:
Do not give up. Many people say keep going. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t get a particular result while doing work you should keep doing it. If you are not getting the success in the way, you are doing it try a different way. Still, you don’t get success then try again from another angle in another way. But Don’t Give Up! Be pliable. For example, Consider two bowls. Keep some water boiling in it? When the water starts boiling, add a potato in one of the bowl and sugar in another. After some time remove the potato from the water. So what do you observe? The potato becomes soft and weak. Before putting the potato it was hard, stiff and strong. Because it was in its comfort zone and as soon as we put it inside boiling water where there is the adverse situation for the potato, where there are problems for the potato, it becomes weak. On the other hand, if you observe sugar, it gets dissolved thoroughly in the water. Can you remove sugar back? No! so what do you observe? Sugar went on an adverse situation it did not become weak it changed the situation. So basically if you put sugar into success or failure, it will turn both into success. So try to become like sugar not like the potato.

8 Keys to Success

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2. Discover who  you are: 
You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are. There is a lot of difference between the two. For example, you have mango seeds with you and you wish for apple tree from it. There will be red juicy apples on it. You will eat the juicy apples. This will never happen. So the very thing you have to do is discover who you are. Because you will get what you are, not what you want. Are you a cricketer or a musician or a scientist who you are? Suppose from inside if you are a musician and you are trying to become a researcher. People make fun of you and you will never succeed because you are not that person whom you are trying to be. Once you discover that yes I am a musician then put efforts and practice daily. Then if you will get ten thousand you might get 10 lakhs. 

3. Ask yourself why you are doing it: 
Before doing any work if you ask yourself why you are doing this, you come to know the purpose and motive of that work, because for doing any work you need EMOTIONS. What is emotion? It’s Energy In Motion. You need the energy to work. Only setting the goal will not help you. from where will you get this energy? you will receive energy from the purpose and motive to do that work. For example, there are many Bogie ( Train carriage ) in a line but what if there is no engine? Will you be just sitting inside the carriage and thinking that we will go here we will go there but can you go without an engine? No! the engine is not the goal but it’s the purpose, it is the motive. 

4. Have the trust and confidence in yourself: 
It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. What matters is you should trust yourself, trust your abilities. For example our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji. He used to sell tea in his childhood and now he is ruling India. So your background doesn’t matter. If you have the fire, the blazes, the energy within yourself then go for it. But, don’t just dream about it; execute the necessary action to achieve it, because a dream will remain a dream if you do not try to execute it.

5. Focus on one thing: 
Basically, we all have many attractions in our life. This thing happens with almost 95% of the people around the world. We all are attracted towards many things. If we see any friend doing something different we all are like this is something unique let’s try doing this. If we see someone doing a play or singing, we tend to enact them. It happens with everyone, isn’t it! You know what you try to enact people because you want NAME, FAME and MONEY! People should know you and appreciate you! Yes or no? But friends NAME, FAME and MONEY are all temporary. If a person is behind in making his name, what guarantee you have that his name won’t be spoiled in future? NAME, FAME and MONEY aren’t the things that we can control. These things do not have energy in them. That is only greed which is full of negative emotions. To perform any work you need Emotions i.e. Energy in Motion! Positive energy. That energy, that emotion it will come only when you fall in love with what you are doing. Don’t go to the success. The task which you are doing does it with full concentration, fall in love with it. If love is a tree then success is its shadow. So choose a task or career option that you love from the bottom of the heart and not just for Name, Fame and Money!

6. Stick to your dream: 
For example, If your family is doing service in public sector for years but you want to pursue music as your career then your family members will be the first one to stop you doing so. When your friends came to know about it, they might have laughed at you very loudly. In short, everyone just demotivated you, passed a lot of comments by which you will start losing the trust, the faith inside you. 

Despite such opposition, one should stick to his or her dreams and make efforts to achieve them. One day will come when those people who were against your dream will raise a toast to you. 

7. Work with courage: 
Courage to think different, Courage to invent, courage to travel into an unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible, courage to comfort the problems and succeed are the unique qualities of a person. So a person should work with courage to achieve success in all the missions of life. 

8. Believe in your decision: 
As you are growing in your field, one point will come where you will find that you get lonelier and lonelier, you have less and fewer people on whom you can trust and your decision is eventually a lonely decision and then you are forced to look at options and may be many of your decision may not be the best, but what I believe is you should do what is right according to you. it may be the tough decision or a tough option or the most troublesome option but if deep inside you, you know that it is a right decision for the right reasons, then you should go ahead and take it. And if the decision goes wrong you have to learn from it and never repeat the same mistake.?

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