Emotional Cheating - The Real Betrayal of Trust

Manisha Saboo | 22-Aug-2016

Fundamentally humans are required to follow ahimsa- non-violence towards everyone. This is the first teaching of any preacher of any religion. However, with the advancement of civilisation, came within the humans - feelings of jealousy and greed which initiated the pattern of crimes. To stop the harm to others because of the intentional or unintentional crimes of people, evolved the system of punishment- which may not necessarily put the victim back in the same position as he/she was before that unfortunate incident but at least compensate to some extent and to make an attempt to pose a threat to others to minimise occurrence of such events again in future. And so came into existence the system of courts, cases and trials.

Emotional Cheating - The Real Betrayal of Trust

However, there is a system for punishment for only material damages and physical sufferings and losses i.e. only tangible harm. There is no resort which can be taken against those who hurt and harm others emotionally and mentally. Every other day we come across news where someone is betrayed in relationships like those of girlfriend-boyfriend or lovers. Taking advantage of another person is very common phenomenon these days and hook-ups and break -ups is the new trend of the generation.

Agreed the fact that some people never take any advantage of another person in physical terms, but is there no value of emotions and mental attachment? Being in relationships for long years with no intention to settle down with that other person, treating them as a toy for their time pass, playing with their emotions and feelings or having a shoulder to back up on in their times of need -  that is all that other person means in their life. The person without whom their days have had neither started nor ended becomes a stranger in just a few hours to them when they find someone new or even when they find that nothing interests them in that person anymore now.

The worst thing I always hear after a breakup is when the people say that has the other person taken any physical advantage. This line is stuck deep in my brain and led me to think again and again- Is only physical abuse a wrong thing? The emotional attachment is nothing in this deceptive world? The meaning of a relationship has been so narrowed down. Breaking a person emotionally is not something which is taken seriously by our society. We are coming across so many suicidal cases and attempt to suicide cases which are because of infidelity in a relationship. Love has lost its meaning in terms of emotional bonding and mental affection. It is only physical relation which symbolises love. This is something which I am extremely in against of.

To me, a relationship is much more than a bond for just seeking physical pleasure. It is having a friend, a partner for life on which one can bank upon in difficult times, have fun and can speak their mind out without fearing anything, and one can trust with all their heart that the person will be there for them whatever may happen. And to be dishonest in such a relationship is the biggest cheating and real disloyalty in the world.

Those who are emotional fools keep on repenting for trusting people with all their heart for a long time. Society only advice them to be practical in this world and leave the emotions aside. There is no way which can make them pay for their deeds, no case can be filed against such betrayals as there as the emotional hurt cannot be measured and therefore, no way of punishment or compensation can be devised. The only thing which is done is trying to console with the theory of Law of Karma- whatever one does, comes back to them. But does that really help in minimising the pain they go through? At times, we see that those who are perfidious live their lives in the utmost good state and the victims of emotional betrayals, being unable to handle the mental trauma, go into the state of deep depression or even try to end their lives.

But should not we practice the principle of not harming others even emotionally so that we can have a happy world free from mental tensions- as the teachings say not to harm anyone through actions, sayings or even thoughts? I just hope to have a society which is based on mutual respect and trust for others and not taking others for granted for having some entertainment in their lives.

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