Everyday seems

Aditya Prakash | 11-Feb-2017

Every day seems to be a new chapter in life, you unfold, unravel in ways you never thought was possible. Years before what had been mere immaturity now makes enough sense. I know how it feels to be there, there in the dark where the demons you always were mad about inches closer to you with every approaching dusk. I can feel the rush of the veins and trust me when I say that,  I empathise with the pain, you might argue of not being in one such turmoil I may not decipher the depth of it but on the greener side, I know it all.

Every day seems

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What I know is that I have known you in person, how beautifully flawed you are, everyone is. I have read you in details, your every emotion, be it your tears, your smiles, your giggles and your childlike behaviour which at times made me wonder what age you are, trust me on that, I know it all. I have read through the chapters and I almost felt insufficient to ink something which could have made much better a story to read.

I adhere to the laws of nature but, through life will never be a cakewalk but then it has made you what you are and I simply admire you much more in this scenario than anything else. I know your ship is in a wind and you feel incomplete to get through this but trust me you will work out a solution and the one who will be to the other end of the tunnel would be even more beautiful. You are one uncharted nebula that longs for a wanted discovery.

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