FEMINISM Girls Best Gift To Society

Deepak Sharma | 05-Jan-2017

People love spoonfeeding and taking things ready-made. No one tries to pull off efforts for things which he can get easily from others. EXCEPT FEW OUT THERE!

Especially when it comes to the girls of our developing nation;  as we know the way girls are expressing themselves in every field in such a good manner, going higher with flying colours; exploring their existences. 

But have you ever thought that why were not the things easy for girls at older times — few generations back — they were treated as a matter of an object restricted inside the four walls like a doll? Yes, these were the facts. 

FEMINISM Girls Best Gift To Society

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Time when one started developing All the inner potentials, having visions of dreams where taken as nothing but a perfect age of their marriage one's caterpillar sets in cocoon; Society readily waiting to crush it down giving logics like "what girls will do with wings; they only have to cook and that's why we can expand much on their books."

Times keep changing at its own pace meanwhile arriving 21st-century, we have seen Revolutionary changes for girls in society by society, but the stereotypical mentality of being male dominant prevails unchanged as it is as it was like if its a matter of fame!

It's not the boys who got hands in the growing feminism, but the Men (Father) who somehow manage to break down the boundation sets for the girls, going advance and giving all the opportunities, all the platforms equally in a way boys get.

Why are success graphs of girls higher nowadays because they turn all the opportunities in their favour; turning every Stone as they know very well the value of chances they are provided with to spread the wings all straight? 

What I feel is they have a unique perspective of the mindset that allows them to be the perfect all-rounder like from homemaker to big industrialists, to entrepreneurs to engineers and doctors at the same time. 

Our society has come to a stage where having a girl child is no more a headache but a matter of pride and for this the credit goes to girls out there who got fire in breathe, who have dared to roar coming upfront, as you know it's never easy to stand firmly in the society every single time — coming out with natural process their body goes from —  menstruation cycles to changing adolescence phase and then to a Mother carrying a Baby in wombs. 

Despite all these things women arise like a wonder, after those monthly marks in calendar, not ready in front of circumstances to surrender and this is what women take pride in, this is how feminism is described, For parents if boys are stars then girls not less than shining eyes. 

Girls achieving heights to reach where even boys get sick — description of such daughters to neighbour uncle's oh! here comes the sneeze, they got guts in their genes that  are not confined to nutty things. 

A small message for girls who still think to depend on man as it's easy, it may be possible you have no need of doing things except getting fed on the wealth and facilities provided to you by your beloved ones, nourished all from 5-7 stars you lack none' the lovingly treasures and pleasures nourish with, 

But ask yourself does this make sense; simply passing life by what others got for you?  No, it's not a wiser thing to choose — a wonderful life with worthless you, here in nature you exist to present things to this world. So do choose your way wisely. 

Have a louder roar go swimmingly to the other end of the shore. 

Be like those badass girls who rock the world like no other. Who do things using their own brain, Who got the will to drill the ego of man; who walk joining hand in hand, who have set the ultimate example of feminism in a way one can, Yes, credit goes to all who have changed the entire game.

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