Filter through your Clutter

Kunal Arora | 12-Aug-2016

Do you ever feel like there's just too much in your closet that creates confusion and you have nobody's choice for picking out a dress for an occasion ? Does your brother or sister get irritated if you provide your clothes which you have worn once or twice just because they think it's old or unfashionable for their generation ? As you pass by a store, do you ever get the fluttering craving in your heart to buy the newest trend and a subsequent guilt that you had bought a similar product a month back ?

Filter through your Clutter

If you think that any of these questions are relevant in your life, then the greatest consolation for your problem is "IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT ! " Seriously, how can one blame himself or herself for wishing to try new products or experience or for living up to the ' trends ' !! Or cursing oneself for not foreseeing the future that you wouldn't need your kurta, long skirt or beaded necklace after one or two usages.?

The easy - peasy resolution for this is re - commerce where you can sell your unwanted or undesirable accessories or clothing for a cash payout. You  can even exchange your old clothes for the trending ones by coming to an agreement with the managers of shops. The question that comes to our mind is "Why would I do that ? "

Essentially re - commerce gives you a choice of trying out " POSH LIFE " without being a ' spend thrift ' and rather being a ' ready money churner ' !!  SAVVY that !!  One is literally selling or exchanging what s/he doesn't need for some ready money which s/he can use to buy an even better product. In these times of economic austerity, you are not just saving money but are contributing something to the environment by selling your undesirable clothing and accessories for recycling and reuse.

Now where would you sell or exchange your clothes & accessories?  One can't just walk into a paan shop & say, " Bhai, I want to exchange my Gucci bag or Sherwani " !! And neither can you just trot into any clothing store. That's where ZapinG comes in. ZapinG provides a platform  ( even on a thing called INTERNET! ) where you can do re - commerce for both men and women clothing and apparels and re - organise your closet completely to your need & satisfaction.

Thank you.

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