Fire of Dreams

Nida Saqib | 08-Dec-2016

"We can't pay for your 11th class and further studies anymore" the words enough to shatter his dreams said by his father broke him. But Pritish was hard on nails about his studies. He wanted to go for IIT, his dream it was. But he belongs to a middle-class family whose income was unstable. His family has total six-member and he was youngest. So coming back to his studies, it was all gone for once his dreams, his ambition everything. Dishearten, he was sitting alone on the pavement when his eyes got stuck on something. the paper reading about free diploma for engineering. Glancing that his eyes sparkled with hope and amusement. The very next day he went there and got his name registered. This course needed three years. He started his studies again with full enthusiasm. Though he was happy for studies, he was upset about being away from his mother and dad, for he needed to go to another city for it. Anyway, he went to Patna with a heavy heart yet cheerful.

Fire of Dreams

In this mean time, He met with one someone who touched his heart, piercing into his soul. She stood by him through the journey for as long as she could. Together with himself and family now he wanted to work hard for that angel too. And he did it too. He tried his every bit to build his empire of dreams. Dreams, in which he could afford the house for his parents, in which he could proudly ask for his angel's hand from her parents.

After completing his diploma course he applied for the job. Luckily or to correct my words his hard work paid off as he got the job. The govt job at railway R&D in Lucknow. With the help of job, he collected money for further studies and then together with the job he started his further studies too, he started with second-year b-tech, as after diploma one can directly opt for the second year.

As he was completing b-tech the life took a turn. As it was the time for his angel to leave for her parents and destiny was wanting something totally different and breaking for both of them. She was married to someone else. Leaving him dead and broken. But still, he didn't give up, For  he was on the ice to achieve his dreams and worked harder to achieve it.Though he was shattered without her, he did not give up on anything. After completing B.Tech. He moved to Delhi for preparing himself for UPSC. After a lot of hard work being ready with arms of his knowledge, He appeared for UPSC exams and as a result of full dedication towards his dreams he cleared them.

Today, Standing on the high post of the collector, serving the nation. He feels quenched for not giving up on weak moments. For now, he is at his best. Today, His family is also at better phase because of him and his brothers. He has given the better life to his parents through his hard work. 

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