Going through the Toughest Days of my Life

Siddharth Sharma | 14-Feb-2017

With the hope of success in the eyes and untidy shoes, I’m working constantly hard to settle down in life and make my family proud of me.  I think 22 is the age that makes you mature like a Man and slowly diminishes all your innocence. I am going through the toughest days of my life, some financial issues, job issues as well as unnecessary breakups. It is the time that’s just making me so isolated from the world, yet worrying about all the happening in the society.

Going through the Toughest Days of my Life

And I have experienced so many fake things in this hard time, mostly fake people and sometimes fake promises. Walking down all alone with teary eyes, facing all the hell and I’m still trying to have the smile on my face. The smile, that laughs at me and scares me the most, maybe my smile is not real in the reality or I just don’t know how to smile any longer.  I am walking down with a broken heart, dirty shoes and Empty pockets, but the worst part is that I’m going nowhere; I’ll work hard until this toughest time of my life settles down somewhere else.

I’ll work hard not only because I want to successful in life, but also because I have experienced poverty, and that’s really not pretty at all. I would love to be called as the ‘Most successful failure in the World’ than to be called as the ‘Most Successful Poor Man in the World’. I want to try all my bits just to make something good for my family. Poverty is not a great experience at all. It takes out your emotions like stress, anxiety, loneliness and sometimes, Depression too. It is like a disease that kills the innocence of yours. I want to make myself so Big and Huge that I can fight with by myself alone. I may sound rude, but poverty isn’t polite with me either. It slapped me and makes me feel like I am good for nothing in life. I’ll not slap you back but surely will never forgive you.

And the worst part of this tough time is that it comes up with many negative vibes, and you just want to ignore them. Some people may come into your life with useless advice, and who are the biggest failures in their life itself, but you can’t ignore them as you are the Newly-born failure for them too. It’s not the tough time that defines you; it’s your attitude of handling that time and if you can’t handle that time my friend, then you will surely become a Failure. We all go through this phase in our lives; some who never get the chance to experience this phase are the ones who really have to be concerned as they will never know how to handle these tough and unpredictable situations and come out of it stronger.

What scares the most are countless Breakdowns, voiceless screaming, fear of failure, yelling and feeling depressed and much more. I say this with full honesty that I just don’t want to be poor and that’s why I’m not scared of failure as I’m giving my all my blood and sweat for my work. I’ll be the poorest person if I never tried anything; that could become successful or not, but if I tried then I can think about the Success. The dreams of Success will not last long with you if you’re afraid of trying and most importantly, failure. I work hard, and that’s only I can. I have observed that Success and Failure are accidental. You will never know what’s going to be good or bad for you. It’s my experience from the Tough time that you just keep trying hard either with a fake smile or the teary eyes, but don’t ruin your future for the fear of Failure.

Walking with a Smile and Hope,
Without the Embarrassment from the Failure,
Tears in my Eyes, sometimes for Success and Failure,
Keeping me going alone on my way of which Future I don’t know,
That’s how,
Going Through the Toughest Days of My Life.

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