Have A Healthy Winters This Time

Shivangi Kapoor | 09-Jan-2017

Winters- A season where your skin and hair are totally getting into a conflict with you. Hair fall is prominent, skin is utterly dry and moisturiser is your constant companion. Getting cosy in your bed with a mug of hot coffee is the best feeling. We bring you some very useful tips that will help you to have not just a very warm and healthy winter but I fit one this time.

To begin with, it is very important that you should focus on working out your diet to have a healthy body. As we all know that a healthy body dwells a healthy mind.

Have A Healthy Winters This Time

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Let us look at some of the things that you must eat during winters to maintain a healthy energy level and metabolism.

1. Root vegetables 
Root vegetables are known to be a provider of a majority of the essential nutrients that our body is in need of.  It provides us nutrients like dietary fibre, magnesium, vitamin A, potassium, carbohydrates and Vitamin C. These root vegetables include turnip carrots, radish, beetroot and many others. So don't forget to add root vegetables to grow grocery shopping list.

2. Oatmeal 
Sometimes we are very lazy to make a breakfast but still our tummy and our taste buds crave for something yummy. Oats is not just a convenient and most healthy breakfast but a perfect treat your taste buds. It is a rich source of zinc, which helps our immune system to remain strong, and also soluble fibre. Soluble fibre helps us to have a healthy heart.

3. Hot yummy soups 
Soups are the best part of winters. It is highly recommended by many dieticians that make your soups at your home. Making your soup on your own will not only allow you to choose your favourable vegetables but also perfect spices according to your taste buds and magical ingredients making your soup irresistible for you.

4. Ginger 
Gingers help you fight many health related problems during winters. You can add ginger to your tea, soups and even in salad dressings. Gingers do not only help to keep your body warm in winters but it so boosts your immunity as well as your digestive systems.

5. Honey and turmeric 
This combination is an age-old desi Indian home remedy with no side effects. It cures your throat infection, mouth ulcers and also builds your immunity and stamina. Turmeric powder, as prescribed by old Indian saints, works as a miracle on cuts; it heals them without letting them get infected.

6. Dry Fruits 
Last but not the least, dry fruits; they are not just delicious but also most healthy. Like someone truly said that "great things come in small things pack."Walnuts are the best at the time of winters.

7. Apple 
If you are suffering from a lot of coughs which is very common during winters, then an apple can save your throat.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Very few people are aware that not just cough syrup but eating an apple also acts as a remedy for your coughing throat.

Now that we have worked upon our diet, let us see what all we can do in order to make our body fit. I know that it is very difficult for one to go out in winters because at this chilly time most of us feel very lazy to get out of our beds even. Because research says that if we move out in winters then it will not only boost our concentration but will also help us to have a very positive and happy mood. Here are few easy things are we can do which will not only make our body fit but will also keep us warm in winters.

1. Run 
Running, it is one of the most beneficial exercises. It not only strengths our bones and improve our cardiovascular fitness but also slows down the effects of skin ageing. As we grow old the frequency of a running reduces because we are so much engaged with our day to day work life. Remember when we were kids running was our favourite past time, place and time would not matter to us please to run chase each other and make the best out of the time. We hardly used to exercise but still we always stayed fit as a fiddle. Try to take out some time and run, it will make you feel amazing, flooding you over with lots of your childhood memories. This will make you feel the warmth not just emotionally but physically also.

2. Walk 
It is a part and parcel of our lives. Walking is the not just easiest exercise but also known popularly as a great stress reducer. It increases a flow of blood of your body and helps you in maintaining your heart and lungs healthy. You can just go to your nearest park and spend some time enjoying in the lapse of nature with brisk walking and your soothing music.

3. Yoga 
It is a great traditional Indian way for all age groups to stay healthy, flexible and fit. It helps in improving your concentration level, improves your eyesight and body posture. Yoga is a magical way of getting meditated and fit at the same time.

If you do not know how to do yoga, then, in that case, you can join yoga classes or you can learn yoga online by videos and yoga tutorials.

4. Aerobics 
It is an exercise which includes stretching and strengthening your body muscles. It stimulates your breathing rate and heart rate. It is an indoor exercise which will boost your stamina and will keep you warm. To turn on your favourite music and let's get going, shaking your legs and showing some amazing dance moves.

Winters are a jingling, happiness; freezing, sparkling, snowy time so doesn't forget to pamper your skin and your tummy with the best things that nature has to offer you. Keep warm and stay healthy. Let us all together make this winter a healthy and happy one. At the end let send this article and begin a new journey towards a healthy life with this popular quote

"Your life begins only at the end of your comfort zone"

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