Have We Lost Our True Selves?

Shivangi Kapoor | 11-Dec-2016

Everyone from the crowd that surrounds us is covered with so many masks, which is not allowing their true selves to come out in the open. And if by God's grace a few are still away from this infection, sooner or later people around will make them realise that they can't stay as the way they are. Their survival will be almost impossible in this world. They teach them that to survive in the world or to outshine others; you need to be extra smart. I am not saying that it is not good to be smart. All that I don't get is why people have to pretend what they are not? Why can't everyone accept themselves as the way they were born. If you closely give a glance on your life till today, you will realise how much you were happy or for that matter comfortable with yourself in your childhood days. To be honest, I was a loaner since my childhood days, but then I was the way I am, my true self. Our world is like a Metro; sometimes we are in the dark phases of our life and other times in the bright aspects of our lives. It is these dark stages of our life that teach us to appreciate the bright phases. It is all the matter of our vision. Some people mourn at nights; others look at the nights as a hope for the morning that is soon going to arrive.

Have we lost our true selves

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The doors in the Metro allows people to enter in our life exit from our life. People entering or exiting from our life doesn't stop the journey of our lives. People leaving us doesn't always mean betrayal. It is said that every relationship in our life comes with a time span and when the time is up the people have to leave. With the passage of time and years passing by, I have learned that those individuals who leave us in between this journey of life, they all leave us with a lesson. I want to thank each and everyone who has been or is a part of my life at some or the other point. I am a better human being today. I believe in learning from the life and growing. I see this as a blessing.

Though in this current phase of life we might be surrounded with hell lot of people, give it a minute and try to introspect yourself. Ask yourself are you happy? Are you comfortable around them? Are you your true self? Are you accepted with what all that your personality possess? Or just because of what is the so-called "trend" nowadays, you are trying to be its reflection?  Are you trying to be one of those people in the mob who is running behind the materialistic pleasures of the world leaving behind their true selves?

If your answer is 'No' to all these questions then just think about this. How or what should you do? How to find your lost self? How to be what you are? Why are we stuck in today's  rush and are not having enough time for ourselves? Is pleasing others and making a huge social circle and wearing that plastic smile, that important to us?

Try to shed your masks now. Stretch your hand, try to pull that soul, your true self out, which is suppressed under you.

Do it, before it's too late,
before you lose it.
Be what you are.
Do what you want to do.
Follow your heart.
Love whom you love,
not the one that society chose for you.
Allow that bird to fly.
Untie it's wings.
Let it fly, up high.
And Touch the sky of happiness.

You have every right to be you because it's you who inhale and exhale for yourself. Stop living in the world that you have created yourself.

You are beautiful enough to unmask yourself and come out naked. You will be your good or your bad, but you will be yourself. Every person on this planet is a unique one because they have some qualities that make them unique. If you start following the Mob without giving it a thought, then, in that case, you will be losing your identity. Ad by losing your identity you will be losing the unique qualities that you possess. And you will end up being one of the people in the Mob you will be called and seen as a mob and not seen as people outside it having his or her identity. You can understand the value of being your true self. Your identity your uniqueness is the most important thing that you possess, and that makes you different from others, and this quality is most important to you. It makes you stand outside the mob. Nobody can be you because nobody possesses the qualities that you possess so be yourself. Those people who will stand with you upright, when you are yourself, will always stay with you. In your hardships and your glorious day. In your sickness and health. They will be the true companions of your life. They will be the people who deserve you deserve to be a part of your life.

You must have heard people saying, the friends you make in you school life are companions of life. Do you know the reason behind this? The reason is that in your school days you are innocent enough to be who you are, your true selves. At that young age, you are far away from the materialistic world you do not live to impress others rather express yourself.

Trust me nothing is more beautiful than being you, your inner self, a beautiful mixture of perfections and imperfections. This world will be a new and better place for you to live.

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