Home Decor through Old Windows

Sheela Joby | 27-Oct-2016

Home Decor is as much about pursuing the effective use of space, comfort, look and design of the house as about individual taste, habits and behaviour. Although home décor has been historically defined by the rigid contours of the houses offered by the retailers, however, people have always explored the possibility of giving special and aesthetic personal touches to achieve the exalted ecstasy of converting a house into a ‘home’. English author Mary Hewels advocated,

One of my strongest convictions and one of the first canons of good "taste is that our houses, like the fish’s shell and the bird’s nest, ought to represent our individual taste and habits.

A well ‘decored’ home is the artistic expression of the habitat. A design is a solace for comfort. The endeavour for achieving this artistic comfort has expanded to the utilisation of the old, used items for a variety of creative ways, as showpieces as well as items of utility. Be it holders for portraits, Coffee Table, Study desk, Wallboard, item holders, etc., old windows find use in infinitesimal ways in lighting up the lives of its houses. In the following passages, we shall discover some new reasons to open the garage shutters and dust off old windows.

Home Decor through Old windows

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1. Photo Displays for Reminiscing Fabulous Live Moments - 
The most common and easy usage of our windows is using them as lovely photo displays. It offers an exquisite elite board for pinning portraits of variable size and designs. Just pin them or bind them with strings; even nails may be hammered to provide for a hanging display.

Home Decor through Old windows

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2. Own That Special Vintage Coffee Table or Study Table - 
Old Windows can be easily used as extraordinary window tables or cute study tables by placing them on top of our regular tables. Another option is to hinge them on the hinges. A special feature of such tables shall be the decorative options that they offer as one can easily place a variety of stones, beads, shells or even portraits beneath the glassy surface of the window. The outlines do offer a vintage and regal look.

Home Decor through Old windows

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3. Special Rustic Key Holder - 
Ever remember visiting the 70s Café in the South Delhi with their retro look and the gorgeous key holder behind the receptionist desk. Just add a few nails on the edges and you have most regal and dazzling key holder with you. To add a little razzmatazz, use decorative plastics and papers at places. My favourite just nails all over and lets the keys hang.

For the more creative part of the house, it shall act as an organiser for those beautiful bracelets and necklaces. Easy, Neat and Super looking jewellery holder. Sport-lovers could only hang their badminton, tennis racquets and boxing gloves.

Home Decor through Old windows

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4. A Quotation Board, Chalk Board, Notice Board All In One - 
Ever worried about your two-year’s cute habits of using chalks or pens to write on walls or her favourite graffiti? The innocent, My Papa is the Best. Take a few nails and hang your old windows in the drawing room or even study room.

Even you can indulge and write quotations for the day or for someone in the house, who specialises in ‘forgetting things’; stick-on for day’s and week’s activities, to-do tasks and anniversary reminders.

5. Your Own Cubicle at Home - 
Just fix the window near your favourite home table, mark your space and a chair and voila! You have your own office cubicle at home. The boundaries are thick and fast and no one’s allowed to enter.

The above options are just a few of the unlimited options to explore in this cute, little and savoury way of salvaging old windows and add that extra ‘exquisiteness’ and some royalty to your favourite abode on earth, your own home.

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