How to Promote a Brand Through Customizable Hand Sanitizers

Nitin Arora | 28-Jan-2017

Businesses are always looking out for unique ways to promote their brand. There has been an excessive stress on useful promotional products recently, which has been quite successful too. The idea is to communicate the logo of your business through promotional products that are beneficial to the receiver/user of the product so that it does not seem to be a forced advertisement.

How to Promote a Brand Through Customizable Hand Sanitizers

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The most popular products in the category include health and beauty products, stationery items, different types of bags etc. Among these products, health products, especially hand sanitizers are quite a hit. They work great for giveaways as they come handy for regular use and travel etc.

It is a daily pocket product and lightweight to carry for the user and a cost-effective promotional product for your organisation. The benefits are reasonable. They are an effective motto reflector for hygienists, health clinics, individual doctors’ offices, gyms, restaurants, tanning salons, supermarkets, and other businesses that are mainly related to health, food, and hygiene. In fact, it would be brilliant to publicise your pet care business by handing out these sanitizers to your customers as they come handy after handling a pet. Hand sanitizer customised with logo can be utilised to its full promotional potential at events like trade shows to reach out your logo to mass.

How to Promote a Business Through a Hand Sanitizer?

So now that you’ve got an outline of the potential of hand sanitizers as promotional products, it’s time to understand how to use it to promote your business.

  1. To offer as freebies and giveaways with a service/product purchased by your customer.
  2. They can be also used at promotional events, especially the ones with a long duration, serving snacks/food to the attendees. Again, the idea is to offer something useful and at the same time advertise the logo of your company.
  3. Another way by which one could advertise is offering them to your employees, for instance, an annual picnic.
  4. In fact, you can provide them to your employees who are going for a field job or ones travelling out of station for work.

What Are the Features That Make Hand Sanitizers a Good Promotional Tool?

  1. The main quality of hand sanitizers as a promotional tool is that it is useful for the receiver.
  2. Second, they are lightweight and can be easily carried along in a backpack, purse, or even your pocket.
  3. Third, they are inexpensive which makes it an affordable promotional tool.
  4. Fourth, they come in different shapes and sizes, as per your need. For instance, a sanitizer spray, gel packs, wet wipes, tag along sanitizers, hand sanitizers with carbineers etc.
  5. Fifth, hand sanitizers should not be misunderstood to be boring, as they come in different shapes and colours which you may choose per what represents your company in the best way. For instance, shapes like a credit card, pen, doctor, or one depicting a helping hand.

Clearly, there are many ways in which a hand sanitizer can be a beneficial promotional tool for growing awareness about your brand and popularising your logo. Although, keep in mind to use the space well but do not overcrowd it. You can get hand sanitizer custom logo or screen printed with the colour of your choice. You can choose among different customization options, whatever suits you.

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