How to Wake Up with Perfect Hair

Preet Sandhu | 07-Nov-2016

Every girl is blessed with perfect and beautiful hairs. Every girl has magical hairs. Just make your hairs look more incredible and cool just spare some time and efforts with your hairs. You just have to do some efforts before going to sleep. In the morning you will wake up with a perfect look as you want.

How to Wake Up with Perfect Hair

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Here some tips are given below to make your hairs more attractive.

1. Beach wave
How to wake up with beach wave hairs, every night I take my hairs wash with shampoo and conditioner after that I keep dry my hairs with a towel. The use to comb my hairs. After that, I divide my hairs in four section and spray banana boat tanning oil on my hairs and keep rolling my hairs until oil is not going to dry. Next morning my hairs look so natural and wavy like beach wave curls.

2. Natural curls
The technique I used is called pineapple. You just need a satin scarf. You don’t use a cotton scarf. 1st of all gather your hairs on the top of your head and after that tie the scarf on your head. Your head appears like a pineapple leaf that’s why I use to call this technique is pine applying. You need a satin scarf because it absorbs the oil from your hairs. In the next morning, your hairs look like curly just feel like it's your natural curls.

3. Loose bouncy curls
The best method to wake up with loose bouncy curl. I french –braid with my wet hair. Before going to sleep, I wash my hair and then little dry it with my towel and then make a french braid. In the morning hairs get dry and I open my hairs and found bouncy curl. To look more attractive, iron some hairs and rest of hairs leave curly. It looks so attractive, curls and straight hairs. 

4. Apply your hair treatment in the evening
The best way to moisturise your hair and avoid a bad day hair damages then apply conditioner after every wash. Apply hair oil on the regular basis or you can apply the hair mask to avoid the hair fall or give them the best look. All treatment apply in the evening. It makes your hairs soften and smooth. A day before done with all this and the next morning your hairs will look softer and smoother.

5. Silky sleeping habit
Try to sleep on the silky cover pillow to avoid the oil from your hairs. You can also put a scarf around your hairs if you are not comfortable with a pillow. Its very easy and simple trick to make your hairs soften, silky and natural wavy in the next morning. It also helps you to stop breakage of your hairs.

6. No metal on your hair
Don’t try to use metal pins on your hairs, it will cause the breakage of your hairs and will also damage and make a bend on them which seems so ugly, try to avoid all these tic tac pins and all the metal stuff. It will cause the breakage. 

7. Tight is not right
Securing your hairs is right and genuine but don’t try to tie your hairs too tight. It will cause the hair fall and also make your hairline backwards. So try to tie them loose. While sleeping try to tie them loosely and if its comfortable then loose them don’t tie your hairs.

All these tips make your hair beautiful instantly and save you from the damage of your hairs. And also will save your money as well as your time. Try all these tips its very simple and time saving…

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