I Can't say I Love You

Amit Singh | 25-Feb-2017

I can't say I love you You are Paragon of beauty I think of you every day wish some breeze blow and make you realise you are being liked by a boy who feels shy telling you. He did not tell you during the course of his stay in the college campus. Every day he used to be around her letting not a slightest of a hint. He feels wisdom lies in moderating mere impression.But as it is said LOVE IS POSSIBLE STRENGTH IN ACTUAL WEAKNESS.THERE IS NO REGULAR PATH TO GET OUT OF LOVE TO BE GETTING IN.(Thomas Hardy) He feels a breeze blow and tells her. Be it breeze wave storm anything comes nature force helps him to convey his feelings to her. He love's her .it is for being her presence his interest in the college lecture grown. Although he was doing good in his study he raised his level of study you worked as a Life force energy initiated by George bernard shaw in man and superman He was impressed by her punctuality although she travels too far to reach college.He was advised by Many boys" BHAI BOL DE" (tell her).If you do not say how will she get to know.He delayed these saying when the good time come's I will say. His meaning of good times is different maybe that's why he is still searching for that good time.for once look at His side of story Yes he likes her yet he wanted not to be the second person in her life for him if she by chance loves any other guy then he does not want to tell her anyway. He will accept his lot.His friends time and again reminded him she is single "BOL DE"(tell her) but He was on his own track. He want's that anyhow she realises but this was not to be the case of any Bollywood love story He is still waiting for that realisation part Ek Hawa Choke Gayi Abhi Abhi, Chandni Pighal Gayi Abhi Abhi, Yeh Mujhe Kya Ho Gaya, Yeh Kahan Main Kho Gaya. ((Just now a gust of wind has touched me ... just now the moonlight has melted ... what has happened to me ... where have I lost myself) 

I Cant say I Love You

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Kash Ye Hawa Udhar Bhi Chale Jaye. Wish the breeze blow and make her realise. He liked that girl from the very first day on that day there was happening the student's interaction section everyone was getting introduced to each other.she came and raised her hand for introduction names were exchanged she asked what do you like he said I do not like anything. Why man you were clearly telling lie. You were clearly started liking her what was you thinking you would have told her that very movement .yes love is Love is like a shadow ... the sun sets by the time you get used to it He is kind of guy who does not even know how often people exercise their love. He was not aware of that art. He often used to ask her friend "Bhai Bata To De Kya Karte (tell me what is to be done) Hain " Kaise Hota Hain(how it is done), Then his friends says first you go and tell her .but They do not understand It's not His way.I tell you it's very difficult .then there was one of his friend who threatened him tell her or I 'll tell.then happened hour long discussion and he assured him I 'll tell her. A DEEP INSIDE US REST A STORY THAT CAN NEVER BE UTTERED OUT.In college days there was a class going on we were reading the way of the world then the teacher called him and said suppose you are any of the one characters in the novel. He said mam I am Mirabell then mam said choose your Millamant. He said mam I can't choose .the boy who can't even say in personal that was too much asking for.classes after classes held .semester's came and gone. Now they are not in the same college they are studying in different college it's been a year since farewell .story is there at the very point where it was for the first day. He is firm that wisdom lies in moderating mere impression. Love is not for see but to understand. love is not for hear but to feel, love is not for let go but to Hold on. 

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