I just can't get women. I can never understand her.

Chhavi Kashyap | 01-Mar-2017

People often states, 'what does women want?' or 'It's so hard to understand women.' Honestly, women don't really want anything or there's nothing to understand about her. Because you can never really know complete women, ever.

I just cant undestand women

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She'll be this 18 years old young, carefree teenager living her life with her own rules, then she'll be a 26-year-old career oriented woman who just want to see proudness in her parents eyes, a 38-year-old beautiful wife, a 44-year-old wife or a 58 year aged women who lived her life to the fullest yet wants to jump off a cliff to taste how the air tickles in her bones. She can be this or everything you can never think she would be. Unpredictable. You never are really in love with one lady, she holds a billion colour which gets reflected slowly and slowly with a period of time.

Women hold the power to multiply, whether it's the love they receive or the strength they got. If you invest your time, she'll only make it worth holding on to. Give her a house, she'll make it a home. Give her your love, she'll make it worth feeling. Give her your life, and trust me she'll make it worth living.

All you require is to be patient in the time when she wants your presence. That's exactly a perfect path leading towards your forever with her.

Honestly, women don't really want anything. She isn't a chapter that can be understood, but a whole book with beautiful turns and twists. And if you really love her, you'll love every inch of her.

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