I know 'The Creator'

Abhinav Mishra | 07-Nov-2016

Who is a creator? A definition from the books would say a creator is one who has created the world, cosmos, plants and the animals. This word is somewhere linked to the God. I am not here to talk about God.

For me, there is different definition to the creator. I am not sure who created the universe but I am sure of one thing – who created me? My parents created me, and I am pretty much certain that my mother carried me for 9 months, was in Labor for more than 12 hours and could not have slept properly for months to give birth to me. So for me, they are my God, if you still want to link that word with the creator.

I know 'The Creator'

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People are questioning the existence of Gods for centuries and so many debates are going on ‘your God’ and ‘my God’. Why debate for what is certain?

For me, parents justify everything that has been linked to God. They are the ones who fulfil all your wishes, the ones which are good for you, fit in perfectly with what we say about God – He does things which are best for you.  You believe ‘He’ will never do anything that will trouble you. Don’t you feel the same thing with your parents?

Let me know whom I am referring to below:

Is a protector for you. No matter what the situation is always there with you. In your good as well as bad times.

Understands what you don’t say – You don’t have to tell what you want; somehow it is known what you feels inside. A relation which is beyond words and is as pure as snow.

Don’t expect anything in return – from the very first day when you came to existence, giving you everything which you want and even things which you don’t want and not expecting anything in return. The feeling at another end will always remain same, no matter how the feeling is at your end.

Strange but above statements fits in both for ‘Creator’ and Parents.

So, all I am trying to say here is – instead of worshipping an idol, workshop the real creator. Let me put this way – work whomever you want to worship but don’t forget to worship the creator which you are sure about. Believe me, there is no power stronger than the wishes of this creator.

And as they say,’ God is eternal’. A perfect match again. For you, your parents were the first things you learned about when you came to life and they will be there in your heart and memories till your last breath. 

It is a cycle and as the saying goes,’ God is in each of us.’ True that.

Today there is a God for you and in future, you will be God to someone. How beautiful and amazing!

A request to all the reader to continue to believe in whatever you believe in but make sure you believe in ‘the real’ creator whose love you have felt, seen and have lived with.

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