In Pursuit of Equality

Ahmad Khan | 19-Jul-2016

Dear Women,

In the present scenario, Feminism is the heart & soul of many discussions and writing in its favour is inevitably bankable but awareness lies in preferring less believed truths over widely believed lies.

You may misunderstand me as a male chauvinist, but my conscience never allows me to show my manhood by initiating hashtags and slogans. I neither declare man, a villain in every story nor categorise them in the breed of dogs.

In Pursuit Of Equality

I flirt but never consider women who flirt as whores. I smoke but never judge a woman who smokes. I visit brothels, but I don’t abuse prostitutes. I masturbate, but I don't rape. I search for pictures of nude models, but I don't stare at the bra straps of my colleagues. I make my female friends drink an extra shot, but I don't take the advantage of the situation. Because I believe, I can make a woman fall for me, even if she's sober. We were born this way. I tell my wife to cook food, but I don't criticise its taste and help her with the chores. I may want more than two children, but only, if it won't affect her health and she wants them too. I demand, but I don't tell you to demand less. You are homo sapiens with five senses. Your hearts have arteries & veins just like mine — why will I differentiate?

And it hurts. it hurts when I've to face doubtful gazes in every crowded place. When an unintentional touch to the woman who's twice of my age questions my upbringing, my heart bleeds. It's like paying for the sin I've never committed. Manhood is what I posses, but, there're some who see you as mere flesh and bones, but, how could they be sane, when once, their only source of life was a woman's soul? When my father cried as he saw my mother screaming in pain, how can I make a woman feel dirty with my bare hands?

Stop this massacre. Stand for yourself. Be Kiran Bedi who showed the world: not everyone fears criminals. Some are obsessed with teaching them much-needed lessons. Be Sania Mirza who proved: no ignorant fanatics can stop you from pursuing your dreams. Be Arundhati Roy who testified: one can write his destiny with his own pen. Be Marry Kom who showed: motherhood strengthens a woman. Not everyone surrenders to hardship.

And when you can get inked on the day of election; when you can pay taxes and take part in the finances of the government; when you can be an interstellar who unfolds the secrets of the universe; when you can take important decisions for the nation; when you can write stories which world never forgets; what else is needed to prove: women are no more a fragile doll.

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