India Desire - The Journey Of Two Brothers

Sudipti Dhawan | 18-Jul-2016

The story of two brothers who decided to do something new in their summer break and ended up starting an e-commerce coupon portal named IndiaDesire. Singh brothers as they both are tech graduates. Amit Singh is the computer science graduate from ITM Gorakhpur, UPTU University and has worked 1.5 years in MNC as Software Engineer. He is fond of debugging programs, coding, & Internet World. Whereas Ashwani Singh has done graduation in ECE from KIET Ghaziabad, UPTU University. He also has sound knowledge in E-Commerce and affiliate programs. The Three siblings (namely Sandeep Singh, Ravi Singh, Shubham Singh) who also have joined the hands together with IndiaDesire which has made achieve potential growth.

India Desire Journey of Two Brother

There was no denying about the Indian e-commerce's enormous potential, but that didn’t meant it was going to be cakewalk making headway in the market. For the future in the market you can only survive if you have access to funding, and if you can persist during that period you can retain that market. They worked on the principle that online retail stores have much relentless and tough environment over the decades which manages to offer Discounts,Coupons etc. to attract more customers and bind them to the respective shopping portal. And hereon emerges a shopping portal named IndiaDesire in 2014 to offer shoppers all bargains and cracking deal at single place with prodigious discounts at merchant site.

However as is the case with every successful venture it was hard earned accomplishment and the brothers also had their special moments. Remembering the time when they had only 500 Rupees to fund their venture Mr Singh says “they have come a long way.” The most difficult thing to achieve for them was to get shoppers to their portal before merchant site. To counter this affiliate & coupon company basically runs on SEO Factor. For this their portal has to be on top for various keywords in different search engine so traffic can be diverted to their websites. But the real motivation came from the incident when one mobile was launched and that was the day when even their server got down due to heavy traffic. Moreover, they got more than 3 million+ Page views and 1 million visitors hits that too in just 3 days which helped them fetch advertising revenue of $10000 from Google.

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Since they have made their presence felt they  targeting their shoppers such that if they visit them once they love to visit again and again. By providing a proper navigation and description to their shoppers they are making their shopping experience hassle free, they feel that their customers will stick to them for a long period of time. They believe coupons and discounts are things on which the whole E-commerce Coupon Industries rely. So here they are helping shoppers to get benefits, more than all, great offers from various websites. When asked about the future plans it was further reviled that India Desire will be looking for the venture capitalist funding in the next phase. Will they be able to sustain the pressure of E-commerce industry and come out with flying colours the time has its answers? 


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