Ingredients of becoming "sterling" employee

CS Dharmesh Vankar | 12-Dec-2016

Job or service!!! Whenever one heard the name of this precious or routine word nowadays, one picture depicts in once mind, i.e. person is going to office or workplace by wearing official attire and return with boredom in the evening.

Some of my colleagues agree with me that presently job timing is changed drastically. With regards to timing, there’s one surety that one has to be at workplace or office premises or desk at fixed time in the morning but there’s no surety of leaving time of job. (Office jane ka time fixed but waha se nikalne ka nai).

Recently you may find many tag lines or emojis circulated in the social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) like “I hate Mondays” or “hafte me do shanivar hone chahiye”. According to me and many of the reader here will also agree that ab job me maja nai ata or I am sick of this job etc. Keep in mind, if one wants to be best performer in the eyes of boss or management, then here’s the below ingredients, one should possess:

Ingredients of becoming ?sterling? employee

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“Attitude matters a lot.” If one has a positive outlook and pleasant disposition then one definitely rewarded. There’s one saying “change your attitude, change your destiny.” So, if one keeps good attitude or change attitude towards work then no one can stop him to be admired by management and colleagues.

These days are dynamic in nature. Everyone or everything is changing. Even villagers are using smartphones and wearing fashionable clothes, etc. There’s a strong proposition in the world, i.e. “change is inevitable fact of life” or “parivartan Sansar ka Niyam hai.” Ones who know how to adjust themselves to new environment, willing to learn new things (quick learners) and perform their best in changing environment are likely to be the best performers in any organization.

If one wants to succeed in life then he should be ambitious. Ambition persuades openness and mind blowing ideas which will ultimately be helpful to the person and organisation as well. But one thing should be kept in mind that there is a thin line difference between ambition and greediness. Naturally, if person is passionate about his work then he will do his job, not by compulsion, but by love and dedication which will ultimately going to like his boss.

Be Proactive!!! Superb quotes from the Dale Carnegie’s 7 habits of highly effective people suggest that that if you want to perform your work at best then you have to be proactive. Proactive means problems Ane se pehle hi usko jan lena and solution bhi dhoond lena. If someone is proactive in his work then he can operate flawlessly without any interruptions and problems which will ultimately achieve its results in time. A productive employee stands out, and any boss would favour him for promotion.

Every Boss loves to hire or work with staff who can communicate smoothly, whether in terms of speaking or writing. Inefficient or miscommunication can fetch the many problems for the organization. So employee should have good communication skill for better functioning of his or her duties. (Efficient communication means after delivering whole message boss shouldn’t ask “Bhai kehna kya chahte ho.”

Everyone likes a helping person every now and then. Do not hesitate in helping out others. This make the person establish friendly relations with the co-workers and keeps the office running smoothly which in turn is appreciated by the employers. But one important thing is that help but in a reasonable manner only. If you’re helping someone every time by keeping aside your work then that’s sure that not only your job is going to affected but the person to whom  you’re helping will become dependent which will ultimately hamper efficiency of the workforce in long-term.

If one is greeting his colleagues good morning with smiling face, then it will bring freshness and energy in the office atmosphere.

Everyone loves a punctual person, not only boss because time is money. Many Indians believe that Jo Banda late ata he woh important or VIP hota he. But this is not true at all, particularly with regards to job timings. If one attends his job late then no boss will like him even though one is most important in the whole office.

Team player
Without a team, no organisation can exist. Every organisation requires an effective team effort. One who can work in a team efficiently will become a substantial part of the organization.

Be confident!!! Many of the readers have heard this word whenever one is going for interview or exams. This works in job functioning too. Management will happy to hand over important project to one who is confident rather than one who is hesitant and insecure of himself.

To sum up if one wants to have delicious food item, one should have appropriate ingredients, same as if one wants to be recognise as good employee then one should possess qualities or traits.

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