Inner Voice

Priyanka Rawat | 06-Mar-2017

This is the girl of the modern era; of this 21st century. The girl who is educated. The girl who works basically as an independent individual. The world has changed in many ways but has it changed for a girl? A normal city girl who goes to her college every day. She doesn't know who she is going to face on her way, she doesn't know who will make her feel uncomfortable and harass her. She has no idea because she is just going to her destination; as simple as that. There are many films and programmes which we get to see on big screen and on our television. There, we get to see what a girl faces and how it feels like to tease a girl. 

Inner Voice

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We watch and we feel but we forget. We forget all those things in a blink.

Films like Pink, Mardaani and much more came into existence, but what's the use when people see, appreciate, think and feel but then forget to follow — I mean what's the use when again they are gonna repeat those things.

Being a girl, it's really sad to see, hear and go through all these stuff. People are well educated nowadays.

Studying in a good school, college and doing well in their work.

A rich guy who studies in a good university has a good family background of course, and he has a car which he drives to his university, but when he sees a girl going alone her way on the road, he takes his car closer to her. He will make a turn by getting his car closer to her. He literally threatens her. His car is almost near her feet. The girl doesn't even realise when a car which was going straight would be going to turn by her side. It is so fast and sudden that she doesn't even get the time to react because that rich guy who was in the car just comes all of a sudden and flies away in a glimpse. What does it signify? Is he willing to make her sit or what? I mean why do such things still take place? This really makes me feel sad for all the girls. When will the time come?  When are these things going to stop? On the other side, if a girl commutes in a metro and if by chance, she gets into a general coach, she ultimately gets surrendered in any staring or physical attempts. Many of the films and episodes of Crime Petrol even can't stop these crimes.

This is the same old story of every girl: whether she is a small town or a big city, she faces such things In her day to day life. We might have achieved many goals and technology but we haven't received A handful of humanity yet.

A girl in her teens when sees her entire body changes up and that is the time when she is more stared by the people around. Doesn't  it make her feel uncomfortable when she is already going through that phase? where she is Already Feeling uncomfortable with her own physical appearance and learning about herself quite a lot more than subjects. Her mother tells her about the real world — How to be protected with them. All the do's and dont's, that's when she comes to know about the reality. How she gets shattered, she remembers when a man who has a shop nearby her tuition touched her inappropriately — that's where her eyes opened up. That's how she got to know that it was sexual harassment. Here, this small little girl is getting ready for a new war. She is learning how to be ready to deal with the Real world. Many a time, she cries to see the harsh reality of the world. Many a time, she regrets being a girl. Everything happens to girls and everything a girl has to do when the questions arise in her mind. Her willingness to live almost dies. Her soul gives up and gets tired of her own. That is the phase she goes through society's tantrums stop her before Doing anything new. Every attempt of her is always been judged and rejected, as soon as she gets excited to try to be happy again, society kills it and then again she goes in pain.

A year ago, she meets a guy. She finds love in a hopeless place. She feels happy. Love blossoms her life. Her soul gets a new reason to live. Time heals her old wounds and she chooses to live again.

As she reaches the age of marriage, she discloses her love of life, but society doesn't allow them to be together. She cries. She tries. But Nothing comes in her hand. She loses her heart now. There is no feelings and love inside. Family screams at her. Society gives her names. But she chooses to ignore, but deep inside she is so Hurt. She doesn't say anything but she also feels the pain after all she is also a human being. All her life she has been through the different challenges. Girls are like a river: as a river makes the direction to flow by its own, same way a girl does so. She decides to live for her family and society, but not for herself; but for others. She lives again and makes her own identity — that's what means to a girl. She continues to live with all the flaws, without making any grudges, she wins million hearts. She becomes a good wife, daughter and a mother. She plays many roles in her life but for the sake of others. A girl is a beautiful creature created by God — she observes that day.

Many hardships she had been through, but crossed them all; she is glad to see today.
She is proud of herself. 
She is proud to be a girl.

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