Is caste, creed, and religion something which defines a human's Character?

Riya Meghnani | 06-Dec-2016

It was the festival on Moharam  that day. As I was passing through a Muslim colony, I saw them celebrating the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. Since I am a Hindu, we are instructed at home to avoid going through Muslim colonies as much as possible. But today when I was driving through their colony, something stroked my mind and that question led me to a deep thought which is a serious issue for all of us. The question which was ticking in my mind was, “When a small baby is born and falls ill, the parents of that baby, ignore everything and go and pray everywhere whether it may be church, temple, mosque or DarbarSaheb. At that time, for a second it will not strike into their mind, that they are Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Sikh. Then when two people who love each other at a later stage of their life, then why people object at their marriage saying that they belong to different religions. Aren’t we humans first and then the followers of our faith? “

Is caste, creed, and religion something which defines a human?s Character

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This question was constantly ticking into my head striking again and again and I started asking myself, “What is a religion?” A religion is something which provides spiritual satisfaction to all its followers who keep faith in it. Then why do we don’t consider it in that way and keep it at first place? Isn’t humanity a religion?  All the people who know that the baby is ill, from nurse to doctor pray to their own Gods and to all other Gods, because for all the baby’s life was far more priority than their religion which they belong to, in the same way can’t we let the two people who love each other live together and spend their rest of life together. What does a religion preach? Love the human kind and spread love to each other, help the needy and provide food to those who are deprived of it.

So, where does the caste, creed, religion come in between the life of a small baby, two lovers who want to marry? Isn’t this is a serious issue? What do you think? Don’t you think like we should think of the way we see and we create perspectives about people based on their caste, creed and religion? We always try to define a person’s character based on the religion he belongs to but have we ever thought that why have we developed this kind of thinking. Every time, we meet a stranger, we ask their name and then suddenly we try to guess their religion with their surname. Do we ever think as to why have we programmed ourselves to judge someone based on their caste, creed or religion? We never think about this issues, because we have simply accepted the norms of the society. We all are just going with the flow like dead people. If we are alive, then I believe we have brains to think and heart to feel the emotions.

We all have seen Hindu and Muslim community people celebrating their festivals together, we appreciate it for some time and then whenever any terrorist attack happens, we start blaming Muslim Community, without giving it a second thought as to how can we blame a whole community based on the works done by some mere losers. For that moment, we forget the festivals which we celebrated together. We forget that we ate together, danced together and helped each other during thick and thin. When it comes to blaming part, we all stand-up, but not for each other, but against each other. I want to ask you, why?? Why do we stand against each other? We call India as a place where we can find unity in diversity, but it is sad to know that we are still far away from proving this sentence to be true. Think once again.

Would we like to see the world being a place of hatred? Or else what we can do is think twice on our perception about caste, creed and religion and let love take the first place in our hearts. Let’s try to make Humanity as our religion which will help us to make this world, a place of peace and love!

If you prayed for any child without considering any caste, creed and religion even once in your life, then think again, is it good to give the same child reason for denial as caste, creed and religion?

Let’s make this world a place of peace and love. Humanity should be our first religion!

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