Journal Writing: Smart Reasons to Do It!

Harsh Jain | 13-Dec-2016

Wow, what a beautiful day it was, when I won the first prize when I went on an amazing date when I visited a beautiful place. I wish I could relive those moments.

But the sad truth is: We don’t have time machines yet. Do we?

Life is running at its fastest speed, and we enjoy it. But have you ever wondered about the things you’re missing out? Have you ever wondered why you make the same mistakes you did in your past? The only reason is- we are so busy in our “fast” life that we miss out the hidden lessons that our life tries to teach us, every single day.

Our life always tries to teach us beautiful teachings, and that’s why we have grown to what we are now. But you know what; your effectiveness at life is not much because it is not what it could be. And why is it so? Answer - Because we ignore the hidden knowledge in our life’s recent events.

So the next question which may arise in your mind is – How can I increase my effectiveness at life, how can I learn what my life tries to teach me. The simple answer is- we can learn those lessons only through Journal Writing.

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Journal writing is a gift that we must not neglect, but unfortunately, many people do.

Improved mental clarity, Focused vision, Better problem-solving skills, and a better self. Does this sound right to you and you want to achieve all these things to make your life better? Journal writing can provide you with all of the above, in some way or other.

I will tell you smart reasons to start journal writing. But before that, I would like to know from you- Do you keep a journal?
If yes, then “You are doing a great job, you’ll be having something in your old ages to laugh upon!”

If not, then there must be two reasons: 1. you want to keep your personal thoughts private and are afraid of if someone peeks into your Journal. 2. You have a busy schedule, and you can’t manage to get time for writing it.

In the end, I will suggest you how to tackle both these problems. First, we’ll have a look at “smart reasons why we should start doing Journal writing.”

#1 – Journal helps you to know yourself better!
By writing Journal, you have a one to one conversation with yourself. You write down your thoughts and beliefs. You share your aims, what do you want to achieve and what are your short terms and long term goals. This helps you to have a good relationship with yourself and your thought-process. You eliminate your mental clutter by picking out what do you want and why you want it.

You write down your personal feelings about anything and why do you feel so about it. This helps you to analyse yourself by how you act in a particular situation. Overall, it helps you to know yourself better!

#2 – It increases your problem-solving skills instead of problem-storing skills!
Journal helps you to release your brain stress. When you write about your problems in your journal, two things happen 1. you put down all your problems on paper, so your mind feels a bit relaxed and light. 2. Now you have a clear vision of what your problems are and what are the factors that led to the problem.

Suppose, you’re juggling multiple tasks, like so many assignments and projects enough to give a hard time to your brain. But when you write it all down, you realise that this assignment can be submitted on Thursday, so I need to complete the other one first which is to be filed on Monday. That’s exactly how Journal writing helps you in many of your problems. And once you have this skill of problem-solving instead of a problem storing in your mind, everything gets easy.

#3 – You become your Counselor!
You’re depressed about something that you don’t want to share with anyone, fearing that they won’t understand. Here your best friend comes to your help, YOU! You share what you are feeling in your journal. Are you hurt because someone tried to push you down? Write it down.

When you write it, you have a clearer understanding that can only be achieved in the form of writing. You analyse the situation and through your personal experiences, advice yourself – “I think I should do this”, And that’s exactly how you become your own Advisor!

#4 – Journal keeps a record of your Growth!
Life is actually “fast”, or maybe it seems so. But in the running with our everyday lives, we sometimes forget to look at ourselves. We miss out looking upon the changes happening in our life, just because we don’t know how we became what we are now. And that’s because you didn’t keep any record of your growth.

Journal writing helps you to look at yourself- how much you’ve changed over time and why you changed. You look at your personal experiences where you took a wrong step and keep in mind that you don’t make that mistake again. “Fool and Genius, both commit mistakes, but a genius learns from it, and fools repeat it again!” It’s impossible not to “become better” by writing a journal and that’s the best thing about it.

If you think, your personal feelings will no longer be private after writing them down, try writing in a password protected file, simple!

If you think, you don’t have time, then after reading all the reason, I hope you will make out time. If you want to achieve something good, you need to sacrifice something good, too. If you can’t give value to your day and make it productive, how can you expect your time to give value to you?

The choice is yours! – You want to write a journal for having a focused and clearer vision; you want to write a diary to sort out your priorities, you want to write a journal to highlight your goals and know yourself better?

Do you know the answer? Then start writing a journal to live a “better” life!

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