Junctures of Life

Deergha | 12-Feb-2017

Age is a seasoned trickster, life is full of tricks and none of the tricks is inglorious. Each trick used gives us a lesson for the rest of the life. Moreover, Each trick is connected to the other just like the concepts of mathematics, one related to the other and by the end one becomes enlightened. All of us have taken birth and there is a motive behind. It is interesting how we neither enter the stage of life willingly nor leaving it is our choice. You owe the stage until your part is done. what's more fascinating is that one is not given dialogues to prepare and is completely unaware of what the scenes are but still one needs to act the best, everything is to be done on the spot.

Juncture of Life

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Well! this amazing journey begins from mother's womb. After being nurtured there for nine months one steps live on the stage of life as an infant and starts playing his/her part eyes filled with naughtiness, unaware of everything yet full of life, that playful stage where the little one is the best toy for everyone else. 

Gradually, the infant steps into the new world.Day by Day the infant learns new antics and grabs the attention of all. From crawling to uttering the first word ever followed by being able to sit successfully, You know what the best part of this age is, it is never giving up. Despite failing end number of times while trying to walk without mother's support but still never giving up and finally succeeding. It is something which fascinates me the most about these little champs. 

Then comes the learning age 'the childhood' at this stage the mind of the child is like a wet clay which can be moulded into any shape. This is the time when most of the values are instilled. initially, there is a lot for parents and teachers to do slowly, with time things start taking the proper shape. The building of values starts being built on the base laid by the elders. The child now is able to think one becomes curious day by day. The only job left for elders now is to provide a little guidance so that the child can learn to make out between right and wrong. 

Gradually the child enters the teenage being capable of doing most of the things, having learnt the basic values this is the stage where those values are to be practically applied. It is a crucial stage, one is asked to carry out some tasks by own as he/she is grown up while declared to be a kid to be able to do some tasks. one spends most of the time thinking whether he/she is a grown up or a kid. 

Then comes adolescence and puberty when the body undergoes both physical and internal changes. At this stage, one feels free, absolutely free. This is the stage when one goes through several mood swings and feels shattered for absolutely no reason for most of the times. This is the age of carelessness when one expects no one to interrupt in his/her life all feels that he/she is capable to be completely independent but that's not true. Being careless one makes most of the mistakes at this point of life. According to me, the one which is most dangerous is getting into the wrong company. Therefore, this stage requires the maximum guidance. For parents, I agree that it is difficult to handle your ward's mood swings, I also agree that they might keep on insisting that they are grown up and don't require further guidance but that's untrue. Keep a check on your child without letting him/her know and for children, it is necessary to remember that they are your parents. Don't detach yourself from them, play your part and let them play theirs.

As the time passes one starts to attain maturity and enters a stage of being young. This stage is full of struggles where initially finding a perfect job and being well settled is a big deal. Once settled the other challenge that knocks the door is completing the family i.e. finding a perfect life partner and then marrying. After marriage, the biggest challenge is to maintain a balance between family, friends and job. 

The play of life appears to be tiresome at times yet it is the most interesting one. It's funny how being a kid one always wishes to grow up fast and as the wish comes true and one grows up, one wishes to be a kid again and cherish all those lovely moments spent as a kid.

The desire of living childhood once again also comes true, however, it is not like the real childhood lived but one can relate. It is the stage when one turns old and everything sans. The ability to do work efficiently no more exists. One requires support just like a little kid needs. One becomes feeble. Skin forms pouches and a person often starts behaving like a kid. Well! Children your parents enjoyed your childhood and cared for you in the best way they could but at this stage the roles interchange, you are a parent now and they kids now it's your turn to enjoy their childhood and look after them.

The only difference between childhood and this stage is that a child is full of innocence and has no knowledge about anything but at this stage one has gained all the experiences no one can teach about the principles of life as they can and such a home is blessed where these experienced ones live. 

Finally, the play of one's life comes to an end and one sleeps the most peaceful sleep ever.

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