Leela the flirting flute

Aparna Bhattacharya | 14-Feb-2017

Charmingly simple an unsophisticated rustic girl “he called me”. 

Withdrawing my mind from the external and earthly affairs, I just want to reminiscence his presence. I paced alone on the narrow path of the fields, while the sun was hiding its last gold like a miser. The light sank deeper and deeper into dusk. As I walked along the path, I commenced scrambling up the face of the basket pausing….. I looked down upon the field; she was looking like a widow. She lay down silently as she has been reaped today. Only few oak trees were seen here and there. Now I started walking fast to reach my village. My village is at the end of the waste land, hidden by the shadow of huge Banyan trees, The Jackfruit trees and the Mango grove. 

Leela the flirting flute

Far behind me, I could hear the loud shrill note of the peasants singing together, leaving the track of their song across the husk of the evening. There were few more pedestrians in the fields with their hampers and basket moving fast to reach their homes. I am walking with my spring of love and compassion within me. The infinite sky is motionless overhead I stopped for a moment in my lonely walk under the starlight and looked at the spread of the darken earth, slowly embezzled the golden glaze of the day. The darkness has surrounded the Earth in her arms.  I walked further and took the slim lane to reach my hamlet. I climbed on the narrow uplands and looked down upon the boundless and the beautiful village where those “Big” upper caste people live was barely visible through the dim haze. Now I climbed down the upland and took the narrow lane as I was forbidden to walk through the village route and so we were segregated in hamlets outside the village boundary. Our hamlet was a place where nobody else covers. My path was between the thick grown thorny bushes. Every day my body gets scrapes and wound and these scrapes leave a scar on my body. My feet’s get dabbles in the lapse of the muddy and mottled earth. But I don’t mind this as I know that after few days Murli will take me away to far land.  Now I am walking fast as the dusk is falling rapidly and the balmy spring is still warm. The fireflies squander their lights and my anklets tinkle in the stillness of the dusky evening. Beyond above there, in the blue lake of heaven, the Moon is trying to peep.  Alone I breathe and I am spending my strength over carrying my frail body, canoe on foot. “LeelaLeela” someone called the voice was familiar. I turned back Malti is just at my back. She drummed her fingers on my shoulders. I whine in pain as the scraps of my body is burning. Malti claps her hands and said, “you are building a house with sand.”  I surge with laughter, and then a gleam of a pale smile remained on my face.  She said, “the boat has wrecked in the trackless sea”. My sudden flicker of hope died with her words. Yes, it is a rumor…. I said and I tried to walk faster than her. Malti’s awful words pervade my heart … still, the tender and silent love of Murli is still sweet, soft and fresh in me. She pulled me from the back and I turned, she gazes on my face, holds me tight to her breast in fear that I may break down. The gusher of water overflowed from my eyes. I dry my eyes with my hands and pushed Malti back and started walking fast. The only crescent Moon is spreading its silvery rays and brightening the path. I am feeling weak and I am unable to carry my frail body anymore.  My legs have stiffened and I cannot move. All of sudden everything has faded before me only I could see the smoky haze before me…………….    

I fell on the ground, only a faint shadow in the smoky haze and the melody of the “Flirting Flute”.

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