Let Technology Remake the Classic Era

Anny Mitra | 07-Sep-2016

Ta na na Ta na na…Remember Malgudi days? The tune itself was so inviting. Even today, it enlightens our deepest childhood memories. Unlike today, those limited entertainment options kept us engaged and happy. For sure they have inscribed beautiful morals in every one of us. However witty or foolish one was, the stories lingered on in our minds.

I am sure not a single soul would disagree with this. Be it Chitrahaar, Jungle Book, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Hum Log, Buniyaad…the list is endless. They kept us anxiously waiting for each episode. Homemakers scheduled their daily chores accordingly, so as not to miss even the opening credits. The male counterparts paused their outdoor activities, to accommodate eating their meals watching these favourite shows.

With fewer Ad breaks, lesser repeat telecasts and obviously no online video option available, we had to adhere to the programme schedules. Well, that actually helped us spend quality time with family members. Wow! Those times were actually out of this world. Now when we flash back, it seems like a fantasy which was truly lived by us.

Let Technology Remake the Classic Era

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I must have recharged your dormant memories. Back then visiting friends was a weekly affair. Surprising friends without notifying about our arrival was considered cool. We would expect a small gathering even if someone bought a new fridge, TV, scooter etc. Whatever be the reason to celebrate, we always had an urge to share our happiness big or small. Friends and relatives couldn’t be differentiated. In short, life was simple yet complete.

Everything was steady until ‘technology’ was born. Taking baby steps it has now enveloped us within its grasp. I bet no individual can even think of waking up every morning without using technology.

Take for example education, which is upgrading generation after generation. As a result, nowadays children are lacking a lot of playtime as compared to our times. If that wasn’t enough, even the dumbest mind is getting exposed to technology before knowing its merits and demerits. Why not? Its starts right from the womb. The wavelengths of technology are murmuring their way during pregnancy itself.

No doubt technology has created a new paradigm. Today anybody, barring age wants results at the snap of a finger. We are becoming impatient. All our senses have been membrane by technology. For instance, when we can trace our lost mobiles by just a missed call, why should we bother to search? And that’s a small example of how we have become greedy enough to use our lazy brains.

That is the reason why kids today lack patience. They would rather resort to lies than own up to their faults. They don’t realise the worth of time and money. They fail to understand that these morals are the basics of growing, as an individual. We as kids accepted the fact, that good or bad; our parents are always our well-wishers. Thus we figured out our responsibilities, sooner or later.

I might sound like a granny giving free discourses on how technology has ruined this world. But trust me I am very much a proud child of technology. I would rather categorise myself as a transition between the golden old era and today’s tech-savvy world.

I am one of those who like to strike a balance between the two. However challenging it may seem, but it's definitely not rockets science. The common thread linking the old and new eras is right in our hands. Our culture, relationships and necessity to secure our future, governs the link between the generation gap.

For instance, the common problem everyone faces every day is, our kids fail to pay heed to our commands. But unlike our childhood days, they want to be convinced enough to follow our commands. To spice it up, ego aggravates the already tense situation. But instead neglecting our egos, we can explain our intentions behind all this. After all, we have to set an example for them to follow in their future.

To accelerate this we can make optimum use of technology to bridge the communication gap. Like for example, by respecting their privacy and with mutual consent, we can share their social network. This way we can protect them from unfortunate events coming their way. But we need to be creative and unique in our approach. Thus we wouldn’t sound like geeky advisors.

The younger generation has innovative ideas to solve our very complex issues. Whereas our treasure of experiences, can retrieve them from their simple daily problems. It’s like using the best of both. Today people working on these principles are really excelling in their respective fields.

To sum it up, currently, the trend of the remake is gearing up. So let’s remake our classic era. Why not spice it up with the apt dash of technology!  A beautiful combination to remember.

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