Letters from a Stranger

Vaibhav Dange | 07-Nov-2016


Let the music melt into your bones
And take you to a place
up in the sky,
where the moon sleeps 
on the bed of clouds,
carefree as a child
and the stars singing him a lullaby.
Do not worry about the dawn.
The Sun will set again
and it's going to be yet another beautiful night.


Letters from a Stranger

A Gentle Sorrow:

How can you feel the rain?
when you're already engulfed with water.
How can you feel the pain 
when you have been suffering for too long.
How can you miss a person 
who is absent but always present around you.
The song may not affect you anymore
If you, yourself are the song.


Hours past midnight:

A gentle breeze from the window,
It was 3 at night.
Everyone was asleep then 
Just one room lit by torchlight.

Amidst the silence,
she was writing a poem about her son
which he would be able to read 
once he is young.

The significance of its words will change 
with every passing year
More from reading to feeling the poem.

Then at one fine night
when everyone would be asleep,
His room will be lit,
writing poems for his mother.

And that's when  the two nights will meet each other.


The Farewell:

And then, with a heavy heart
he decided to leave the place he once called home.
Too many memories
Too many belongings 
not enough bags to pack those.

Rubbing off the dusty mirror
he tried to recall his older self.
Wrinkled skin, white hair
The only thing which did not change were his eyes.

He looked for a surprise 
somewhere in the bookshelf.
But all he found in the vacant room
was a prominent thin air
that choked his heart.


A Tourist in hometown:

It was quite a terrifying sight
in the silence of midnight,
as the fierce sea waves roared off their lungs,
and the thunderstorm
cried out loud.

Amidst the chaos, there was someone standing far off,
enjoying this madness.
Barely visible.
like a trunk of an old tree.

As I approached to him,
I saw an old soul
wrapped in a body of young flesh.

The storm he held in his eyes,
was even more terrifying 
then the one at the other side.

I asked him, what makes you smile
in such a dreadful night?
He looked at me gently and replied,
I feel complete,
when these waves struck by the storm,
sing me a song.
And the darkness of the night
Comforts the remnants of light in me.
As I blinked, trying to comprehend this
A bolt of lightening and I was jolted out of my reverie.
It was late in the night
so I decided to go back to the hotel
and bid him goodbye.

The other morning, 
I went to the place again
where we had the conversation.
There was no one out there
but a mirror lying in the sand.


Clouds on plateau

Clouds on plateau 
crawling to the other side of the hill
Caressing trees
and the meadows, lush green.
Guided by a gentle push of air,
not in a hurry to reach somewhere.

Looking at this beautiful view,
my eyes tried to reach the distant land,
but the view on the other side
was obscured by clouds
moving hand in hand.
So I started to walk,
and colourful flowers appeared.
The ones which I dreamt about.

It was a wonderful journey
until I reached 
the edge of plateau 
followed by an abyss. 

Shattered to know
that the clouds deceived me
by hiding the cliff 
but so it happened with flowers.

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About the Author
Vaibhav Dange
Based in Pune, in constant search of expressing deep emotions through poetry, prose, stories and music. An aspiring musician and a writer. Want to be a stranger in people's lives who writes about their pain.