LGBTQ Community

Alisha Khan | 06-Feb-2017

In a world of suspicion, crime and discrimination, trust, honesty and love are the treasured feelings. Love is an emotion of care, mutual respect, adoration of each other’s not only perfections but also flaws, trust to lay down their real selves, loyalty, comfort in other’s embrace and understanding. It's not a feeling, it's a combination of hundreds of unnamed emotions and unspoken promises, which not only strengthens relationships but is the only cure for hatred.

LGBTQ Community

We live in a society which talks about equality, screams for human rights, but when it comes to their personal choices and decisions, they cower behind the veil of social humiliation and “what will the society say”. Everyone has the right to carry their own opinions but God ever gave us the power to hurt and discriminate among his children, to throw them out when He Himself blessed you with them. This life is an examination, with God at the apex, as he sees us taking actions and sometimes smiles, sometimes frowns.

It hurts me to see parents saying they failed because their child goes against the standard so-called norms of the society. No, the children never fail you, but you kicking them out just because they like the different gender did make you a failed parent. It angers me to see people feeling embarrassed to say that their child is “not normal” and it's even worse when those children themselves think they aren’t normal.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, pansexual, etc etc, must not be a label or a tag. They are who they are, no one has the right to judge or hurt or disown them on this basis. I would like to say “They never chose this” but I’ll not because it sounds like liking the different gender is a crime. It's like saying “They didn’t choose to be criminals; it just how they’re born.” No, they never chose this and it's normal. I never chose to be straight but I do not need to specify this to everyone, and it's normal for me. Being a part of the minority does not make them wrong or abnormal; it just means that we need to accept them and see this world in a different light.

Years ago it was a dangerous task to come out, it still is, but the question arises: Why is it so difficult for the people to accept them? They are the same people, with same thoughts and views. In the presence of things like surrogacy and adoption, why is it a taboo in some places to be a part of this community? There are thousands of answers to the presented questions, some against the topic and some in support. Though our opinions must not be shadowed or affected by what people classify as “right” or “correct” way of life. For some, it's a sin. I wonder that those “pure people” who call them sinners, some of those very people would disrespect their parents, kill animals just for fun, spread hate and create an unsafe environment. It's ironic, really, because according to their theory if a man serves his country, try to be a good human being, loves and takes care of his family and help the society, God will throw him out of heaven just because he’s gay. I can imagine the perfect scenario.

“But why can’t I be a part of Heaven? I was a good human; I never cheated nor was I corrupted. I followed the rules and obeyed by the laws. I took care of the people around me and even adopted two orphans. So why..?

“Oh my dear son, I’m really happy that you did all that but you know... you’re gay. I mean, yes you cannot choose your sexuality and you have no control over it but the people, oh the people said that it's a sin! You must have suppressed your desires and be their puppet while they enjoyed their life and committed crimes. Why do you think you have rights? You need to act according to the society, yes that society whose half the member will I insult you behind your back and will not support you in grave times, but it's the society! I said that all I see is your heart, your pure love and honesty but dear son, people say that sexuality is above everything so, it must happen. I’m so sorry for you, my dear son; you gave your life trying to save a fellow human.”

Huh, pretty interesting right?

I’m not saying that everyone in the society is like this; most of them support this cause. I wanted to tell you all how pathetic it sounds when you say that being gay is a “Sin”. It's like saying being of a particular colour, or from a particular place is a sin.

We need to understand that sexuality is not something that we can control, it's beyond us. And to all those who ask people to suppress their sexuality or those who suppress themselves due to pressure, you don’t have to do this. It’s like asking an athlete to never play a game, a musician to never touch a musical instrument, an artist to never draw, a writer to never write his thoughts and a human to never fall in love. It’s suppressing the basic emotions of an individual.

I know it's dangerous for some of you; your environment is not safe for you to come out. Then try to be independent. Try hard to stand on your own, become a self-relying person and then do what you want. It’s unfair, to be scared of liking a person when everyone around you can make lovers openly. But worry not and don’t be sadden, the universe works in mysterious ways. Have faith in yourself, do what you think is right, be a good person, work hard for your own self and for your beloveds, don’t fear the future, just live in the present and surely one day, He will repay you.

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