Life teaches many things, Don't try to learn them all

Manisha Saboo | 06-Sep-2016

Life is the biggest teacher of all which first takes the test and then teaches the lessons, unlike the school curriculum which is vice-versa. Also, no two persons have the same set of tests in their lives. Life does not come with rule book or manual, one has to live life to learn from it.

The total living span of a person is filled with countless experiences- good and bad, sometimes bringing smiles on the faces; sometimes leaving in tears. All these incidents teach something or other. It is emphasised that we must listen and adhere to the advice of our elders because they have experienced life more than us.

Life teaches many things, dont try to learn them all

Now here is the question:

Should we learn everything which life teaches us? Should we start living in a safe harbour zone rather than sailing our ships in the sea of adventures? Should we allow life to win over ourselves?

We are endowed with the beautiful gift of life, but sadly, we get it only once.  Our life is too short to regret on things which did not happen according to our plan or the problems and mishaps occurring without intimation and be sad and mourning over it. Increasing hypertension and depression these days are all because of thinking that as the things did not turn out as per our plan, life is futile. And this leads to either living aimlessly or in depression or in isolation... lost in own thoughts.

If we begin to learn from all the poignant incidences and start taking protected course of actions every time, our life will become dull and gloomy. We will loose self-confidence and enthusiasm to enjoy. Failures are not the road blocks rather stepping stones for starting afresh. Learning from these incidences is good, but limiting ourselves is not the way of living. If one door is closed, other doors are always opened. We just need to shift our focus to the other side rather than repenting over the past incidences.

It is possible only through exploring new things, living fearlessly and enjoying limitlessly and not letting the unnecessary teachings of everything which life teaches us to keep bugging us. Just like in our exams, we had several chapters in our syllabus, but we chose the important ones to be learnt and still manage to pass the exams, similarly, we have to choose from the many teachings of life, which one to learn and which one to leave and likewise keep on moving from one step to the higher next one without stopping.

Remember: Life has the purpose of teaching us and we have the purpose of living life fully and cheerfully.

As the tagline of an advertisement on air says:

“Honi ko aap kahan rok paayenge... par honi bhi aapko kahan rok paayegi...”

So just pack your bags and be ready to face the life... not with the aim of learning from life but enjoying life. Start living and keep rocking.

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