Live life as if there is no tomorrow

Riya Meghnani | 09-Jan-2017

Live young! Live Free!

We all have grown through these years. Let’s start from our childhood, we all had some dreams and every time we received our motivation, we would go to our parents and say that I want to become a teacher, I want to become a doctor, I want to become superman when I grow old. Our parents would laugh and say yes. But as we grow old, our minds change and with time, we choose our paths and forget the past.

Live life as if there is no tomorrow

Coming back to the present, we wake up every day and pray to God and ask him to bless all our wishes. Do we actually give this thing a second thought? We assume that we will see tomorrow and that too a beautiful tomorrow, but we forget the fact that it is not necessary that we will see that tomorrow. It is said that human mind has that tendency to create beautiful pictures of tomorrow and due to that same fact we all maybe think more of tomorrow. We live more in our future rather in our present.

You know what happens, when we think more of a beautiful tomorrow, we lose our precious present. We may think of living together and dream of a beautiful big house and stable lifestyle, but we lose the present time in dreaming rather than working to create that dream come true. I am not trying to discourage but the point I want to make here is that let’s change our way of thinking, let’s create a beautiful present and leave our future on its own.

For example, when a mother conceives a baby, she thinks that she will deliver a beautiful baby and she starts taking care of herself. Understand the point, that she takes care of herself, eats properly, takes medicines, visits the doctor on time and all this is because she wants her dreams to come true and for that same, she takes efforts and enjoys today. She enjoys the whole process of those 9 months.

Can’t we all do the same? Can’t we apply this same formula to every situation of our life? If we all start enjoying our each day and then wish to create a beautiful tomorrow which will again become our present at that time is something which I think will bring in more beauty to our lifestyle.

Habits play a very major role in our life. If you start building the habit of enjoying your today, your present day rather than creating beautiful thoughts about tomorrow, when that beautiful tomorrow, will arrive and will become present, you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. This is the fact which I wanted to share with you all.

Not all days are good, and it is also not necessary that we will see every day in your life. It may happen that today our last day or may be the last day of our struggles, the last day of our happiness, it can be anything. It all depends on how we have trained ourselves to make the most of our life. If we train ourselves to enjoy each day, be it bad, be it good according to our perspective, it is for sure that we will make the most of this beautiful life which we have received as a gift from God.

Do you think that you should waste your time in living tomorrow and wasting your precious present?

If you are a college student, the go ahead bunk, enjoy with your friends, eat junk. If you are an employee, take an unusual leave, go on an unplanned road trip, do something which you feel like, don’t wait for tomorrow bro, tomorrow who knows will come or not and if tomorrow comes, it will come with its own set of temperature and atmosphere, so why are still reading this, I am done giving you all sorts of insights of benefits on living in today. Get up, change yourself, and get going, do what it feels like doing to you and not what the circumstances or you so called “BETTER-FUTURE”, wants you to do.

Live in present!

Live like there is no tomorrow!

It is now or never!!

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