'Live Life As It Comes' Is Killing You

Jiban Dutta | 10-Dec-2016

Most of us take life as it comes. You will hear people saying that it is the best way of living and enjoying life. If that is so, you need to ask yourself a single question, and if the answer is affirmative, you do not have new to change anything but if it is negative, it means people those who go on to say that living life as it comes are of those categories who do not know what they are talking about.

'Live Life As It Comes' Is Killing You

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The million dollar question is, can you remember one 24-hours session when you were completely happy? I am not talking about being happy one day; I am talking about continuous 24-hours of happiness. To some, it may sound absurd because the harsh reality is we are never fully happy for a long time. If you are given a chance, how would you like your life to be? You will want every minute of happiness. You will accept life as it comes which is a few moments of joy, a few moments of pain, a lot of moments of pain and the rest is for the endless gossiping of your mind. If you are not completely happy for one day at least, definitely something is wrong in your life. If you think that money has everything to do with the happiness you may have, you are not correct. Money can buy partial happiness, and it brings a lot more misery as well because once you get plenty of money, you will always want it and in pursuit, you will become those endless billionaires for spending their entire life earning money and pleasuring them!!
The secret to happiness is not finding the secret to scaling new heights in life which we can growth because materialistic growth after a certain point will make your greedy and take away the peace from your life. The secret lies in the fact that you have to scale hew heights in your personal life. To grow in your life; you have to see things as it is and not with the immediate interpretation of your brain. Once you see a thing or an event, there will be no anxiety. You may become a little emotionless, but in the long run, you can prosper. It is like eating food, some people eat it just because they are hungry or they have to eat, only a few people enjoy it by chewing it properly. Once you start eating, your hunger goes down automatically, similarly, when you see things as they are, your desire for material growth goes down. To survive, you need to reach an absolute limit to get everything you need, but if you waste your life to see the end of the mundane life, there is no ending.

Live Life As It Comes Is Killing You

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Willpower is the thing. No one else can heal you unless you heal yourself. You often take a lot of resolution, but you fail because of your lack of willpower. Willpower is not an esoteric concept; it is just disciplined in life. Whenever you want to achieve something, you have to plan it out, break it down into modules just like a big project and then just do your duty. Always be enthusiastic, determined and disciplined. Most people end up comparing with others, but the fact is it is their life, their shoes and you cannot become who someone else is, you have to become what you want to. Everyone has their struggles in life. Scaling new heights is simply doing your own thing and not comparing with others.

Decide what you want to improve. Maybe you want happy so find out what is it that is not giving happiness. It is like I want to earn 50,000 per month, but circumstances are not letting me to. But I know that 40,000 is more than enough for me, but just because my friend is earning 45,000, I want 50,000. Thus, in the pursuit of going a notch higher than my friend, I am wasting an entire month trying to achieve the unachievable. Hence, you need to know your limitations and be happy as long as you necessary ends are met and spend the rest of the time doing things that which gives you happiness. It could be spending time with you parents, gardening, visiting the religious place. Always get rid of the troubles in life but never run away because it will always hunt you down. Get rid of them as soon as you can.

Live Life As It Comes Is Killing You

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Make a habit of doing things. Habit is a wonderful gift that will make you do anything and everything you want. You can get up anytime you want; you can make your life totally disciplined. It is not wrong to make life disciplined because if that makes you happy and great not only for the present but future as well, you should go for it instead of thinking what someone else is saying. What someone is saying behind your back is least of your concern. Read about inspiration people and their life, be with people who make your happy, who give you a positive vibe. Avoid negative people try first to convert them too optimistic once.

Accept the worse things that can happen in your life and see through them. Just imagine what will happen only you get through them. All the events in your life are temporary, and yet you do not see and learn from it. Just imagine sad and happy moments you had in your life and what you heard from them and yet in the belief of taking life as it comes, you have completely forgotten the lesson you learnt. Everything that happens in our life has a purpose. Maybe the purpose is self-made and not always implied. If you are prepared to face the troubles, you are ready to face anything. 

You already know the worse things that can happen to you, and so in your good moments, you must make sure that even if you face the worse cases scenarios, you have backup plans. Be calm, be confident and be who you want to be.

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