Live Streaming - A New Trend

Sheela Joby | 05-Nov-2016

Ever caught wondering how to attend a seminar, while on a vacation or to watch a cricket match while trekking through meadows.

Be a witness to a live public address by Barack Obama while staying in India or dance to the beats of your favourite music being played in a concert thousand miles away.

No more do you need to be physically present in the class to listen to the lecture on nanophysics or be a mere witness to the whims and fancies of the TV or radio broadcaster who steadfastly sticks to its commercial programs than to telecast EPL matches.

Live Streaming ? A New Trend

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Live streaming is the solution to all the predicaments. Simple, cheap and infinite options to be a part of whatever you wish to be, from wherever in the world you are. So, whether you are on the bed or on the move, no event is gonna be missed by you anymore.

Live Streaming, despite being a young entrant in the technology is driven the hyper-mobile world of today, has changed the landscape for once and ever. YouTube streaming, Netflix, Hotstar is redefining video viewing and information sharing in ways that were unimaginable even in the early 21st century. The seats in the classroom or the stadium are no more finite, as online viewing provides access to an unlimited number of concurrent users. Miles and distances have lost significance as a student in Delhi is as likely to attend a seminar as a student in Dallas or Cape Town.

The rapid advancement in communication systems has given shape to the modern mobile generation as the couch potato of the late 80s, makes his way into oblivion. Live telecast is no more a privilege of the select sports, music or political events; it is a facility available to each individual with a presence on the digital global map. Facebook Live has enabled each Facebook user to telecast live videos of whatever they are doing. From roaming the streets playing with their cute puppies, live streaming has begun a revolution that is changing the landscape of video viewing for once and ever.

Brand advertisers and marketers are also warming up to this new trend by seeking more innovative ways to capture viewer attention and market their product through effective B2C and B2B communications. A recent report has revealed that over 85% of agencies are beginning to plan their advertising budgets around live streaming. It also offers the possibility of focused advertising, depending upon the user profile and regional experience.

The recent US election has witnessed both the Presidential nominees’ campaigns being telecast across the world 24*7. No more is the voter just a passive viewer, he is also a passionate follower and participant in the entire process. Sports fan continually airs their comments; interact with fellow fans and commentators through the use of multiple media options available and nothing better than to witness your tweet or live video, appearing alongside the match being broadcast. Interactive webinars have already a rage in the online learning ecosystem.

The world is progressive at an insane pace, and then no one is more delighted than the gourmet user.

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