Los Angeles-California

Severine Rodrigues | 10-Dec-2016

Los Angeles as the name says it is the city of Angels and southern part of California which is the second largest town in the USA. Music lovers and those who are interested in producing films should visit this place; career opportunities are vast and have many entertainment industries. It is also the birthplace of Hollywood actors; we all like animated pictures isn’t it? Tiny tots are a great fan of Chota Bheem an animated serial which appears on the small screen. The place is the conductor of motion pictures if we go up in the sky we can see the night's buildings look beautiful. Diverse Catholic churches and monasteries fill the city. Museum and architectural buildings add beauty and attract the visitors rapidly.

Los Angeles of California have a fascinating history, 20,000 years ago the city was empty no people were residing over here. Later, Mexican and Spanish people flourished this city before people could take shelter in houses, they used to stay on banks of the river. Before 1950 the growth was rapid its economy grew and had a healthy economy in fields of oil, farming, military, movies, etc. Later the rate was decreased. Before 3000 B.C Stone Age people occupied this city. Hunting, fishing was their profession. The charge was later associated with Spanish people in 18 century.

Los Angeles - California

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Spot provides shelter over 4 million people, referred as second largest city comparing New York. Many countries have vast diversities, tradition, culture, etc. one such place is Los Angeles where Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Sikhs offer worship in temples and cathedrals. The English language is spoken by the people over here.

The city has a Mediterranean climate; the summers are sunny, and during the winters there is mild rainfall which occurs annually. Precipitation becomes a major issue for the people throughout the year. The climate of Los Angeles can be compared to the coastal zones of Spain much similarity can be seen.


Universal Studio Hollywood
Hollywood films are never boring to those people who are crazy about English actors and actresses; the studio is spacious attractive and comfortable. It is one among the highest rated studios in the world, the place is situated near San Francisco valley zone, people can enjoy hogging and dining in the restaurants over here. Not only it is a studio but also encloses Theme Park. It is well equipped with al digital facilities. One can delight films and feel happy with his/her friends and make the experience remarkable.

Getty centre
Want to feel paradise on earth visit this excellent place and relish the atmosphere over here. Plants and flowers are favourites of each our heart feels better when we see floriculture over here. Art and architecture lovers will never stop staring at the white stone building situated over here. And when you are tired you can sip a cup of tea or coffee in various restaurants. Museum is well maintained, and gives lot of information about ancestral Los Angeles Teachers can plan study tour for their students and improve the skill of observation.    

Griffith Park
Big time to take your family and children to Griffith park, plan a schedule to go here place is quiet crowded better you start in the mornings. A lot of animals are visible at the zoo, and you won’t feel the scorching heat here trees to protect you from the sun and provide shade. Good in horse riding? Here you go! Have fantastic ride.

Walt Disney Concert Hall
The structure of Disney land is eye-catching, Want saves bucks? Visit this free cost venue; fees are not collected, and it’s free. The exteriors and interiors are superb ones can see concerts or performance going on in the hall. Staffs have well-equipped knowledge of the things and explain you well. Seating arrangement and sound quality are too good.

TCL Chinese Theatre
The place is lovely people interested in taking a picture can take selfies enjoy watching movies special feature is offered by TCL we can match the shoe size with those of actors isn’t it a great go and find yours. Various café, restaurants are also embedded inside the theatre.

Santa Monica Pier
The view is pleasing folks! Continue walking by munching some snacks, can experience carnival sense. Enjoy each and every moment is relaxing off the seashore, shop your favourite souvenir available. Hang out with family and friends to hotels and feel refreshing.

Places to stay
Los Angeles provides home stay for the tourists coming from different parts of the country. Beach front luxurious hotels welcome people with jovial staff who offer services whole the day.

So people do not think and waste your time rush to the travel agency and book your ticket for a tour of glamour place called Los Angeles.

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