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Sheela Joby | 10-Mar-2017

Dream Come True of an Enthusiastic and Passionate Entrepreneur

Max Kitchen

It is a story of pure emotions, dedication for serving the humanity and getting support from family and friends. When we started the food business, we looked up to this friend Maqsud as an inspiration. Oprah Winfrey has said about dreams -“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” Dreams are not just meant to be shut in the doors of limitations. Dreams demand wings of truth, courage, action and most importantly of all – a strong determination. Something like this was apprehended and attempted by a young man named Maqsud Devdiwala, who dreamt of opening his own restaurant. A lot of obstacles came between him and his dream, but Maqsud did not bend down. He stood firmly on his decision to start his restaurant with his own hard earned money. The story did not end here. It had just begun, because to accomplish any goal in life, one must be mentally prepared for facing the trials of life. The owner faced a lot of hardships and one by one, overcame all of them, proving his blazing vigour to fulfil his dream of life.

A gem of IIM did not stop at the gates of his college. He also went to study LLB from Sir L.A. Shah Law College. His dream of opening his restaurant stems from his passion for hospitality and catering. Maqsud is a big foodie and loves to serve others with relishing dishes. Finally, walking through the steep slopes of the mountain of obstacles, he was able to venture into the food business. Initially, though, it was a very small catering service. in the year 2006, Maqsud started taking food orders for small parties. Later, his business grew with the service at the prestigious institutions and organisations like the IIM, Nirma, MICA and NID. Max Kitchen is located on the SG Highway Ahmadabad, which really has increased the importance of the highway. It is not the highway that people focus on, but the restaurant that has led to the popularity of the SG Highway. 

Best hangout for foodies @ SG Highway Ahmadabad
It was in the year 2007, that Maqsud ultimately established his restaurant and named it “Max Kitchen”. They take all kinds of orders, whether kitty parties, birthday parties, etc. the staff at his restaurant works at all levels, like takes reservations, walk –ins, both home delivery and catering at parties. While you enjoy the food in the restaurant, the outdoor seating arrangement is also available at the restaurant, where you can relax with your family, friends or office colleagues over some snacks and food. the staff at the restaurant has all in one capacity. As they go with the preparation of multi –cuisine, the chefs take great care that they follow both the traditional as well as modern patterns of cooking. The preparation style, the serving style, the presentations are all different and unique. They never let you down when it comes to your favourite dishes. I have personally attended many parties at this particular restaurant and also I had meals many times there. 

Max Kitchen

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Mouth watering dishes/ wonderful ambience
At many places and in many eateries, we usually find some dishes boring after a while. At times, there is not much to choose from. Also, when you eat the same dish at one restaurant that you have had last time at some other eatery, then you will definitely be bored of it. But Max Kitchen is a different place. Here, the staff makes sure that you find each and everything so unique and delicious to the core. Whenever I used to have Butter Chicken, Veg Nizami, Golar Kofta, I would always be lost in the taste and happy with the nutritional content in that food. It would never bore me. Though I have tasted many other dishes at Max Kitchen, but even if I would order one dish that I last had from here, I would not at all find it repetitive. Also, in the drinks, the blue beach is till my favourite. I can still savour that taste in my mouth; it can never be faded away by the tastes of other dishes and drinks. A wonderful ambience, the exemplary taste of the dishes, the high nutritional value of the food served and above all the big heart with which the staff serves the food, are unmatchable. This restaurant is a heaven for the food lovers as well as for those who want to relax for some time over a cup of coffee or some drink, for the kids, for women, for families, for official purpose visits and meals. People of every age enjoy and love this place. 

Usually, people get anxious when it takes really long to fulfil a dream. But when somebody’s passion takes over everything around, all the eyes are then set on that one person who has worked tremendously to win in his own life. Those who are passionate towards their work and their goals in life are the real victors. The more good work they do for others, the more their own dreams get fulfilled, and the more satisfactory their lives become. The struggle seems to be never ending. But the breakthrough comes at a time, when the person is just busy and working passionately on his goal. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the expected news arrives. The news is that of the victory of that person. When Maqsud was trying to open his restaurant, something like this had happened with him. He did not wish for his own publicity, importantly, he wished to fulfil his dream and serving people with good food. 

Food lovers find comfort in his restaurant. Working with a purpose in life is not only gratifying, but it also helps one in bringing the life on a rhythm track. You cannot fall down from it anytime. Even if you fall or skip at some point, you just need to catch hold of the cemented wall of your dream and you will be back on the track once again. That is known as “going back to the starting point of your dream.” Mr Maqsud keeps on challenging himself and inspires his staff to work arduously for the good of the society. The good deeds begin in the kitchen. 

Max Kitchen

Both Mr Maqsud and his staff keep a track of the material that is coming in the restaurant for the preparation of savoury dishes each day. Everything is perfect and hygienic. They focus on preparing multi-cuisine food, wonderful presentation, lip smacking taste of the dishes and each food is filled with nutritional value. The chefs work on not only preparing the tastiest dishes, but they also add the nutritional content in the dishes.

They give credit for the success of the restaurant and its 9 years of running successfully to the people of Ahmadabad who love the food of this restaurant Max Kitchen. In terms of fulfilling dreams and bringing the full energy in life, Maqsud’s opening of his restaurant can be compared with the building of the Taj Mahal by Shah Jahan. As Shah Jahan’s love for his wife was symbolised in the building of the Taj Mahal, so the passion of Maqsud for hospitality and food preparation and serving is symbolised in his restaurant. Opening his restaurant was not only an opportunity to grow in life, but it was also a matter of great courage, as painstaking efforts were required to accomplish this task. He ran up and down, interacted with many people, took loans, and made savings by cutting on his personal expenses, at the same time he had to cater to the needs and demands of his family members. The battling on all fronts made him all the more strong and his victory in establishing his food business proved that undeterred strength. He is a very positive, enthusiastic and passionate restaurant owner and his ownership never overpowers his passion for food preparation and catering, which is the best part of his business. 

Reason of inspiration
The reason why I am writing so confidently about Maqsud and his dream come true –his restaurant “Max Kitchen” is because my Husband was associated with Max kitchen for two years and we got so inspired by this young man’s spirit that along with our Scanning & diagnostic business, we started a catering unit too in Coimbatore, the place where we are settled at present.. The energy and enthusiasm that Maqsud has for life, has always inspired and encouraged us in doing with full vigour and with honesty, whatever task we take up. In the end, I would thank Mr Maqsud for having been such a great inspiration for us and also on behalf of all foodies whom I know in Ahmedabad, I would also thank him for contributing tremendously to the society with his catering services which he does, not for the publicity, but out of compassion for people and passion of serving. . In the end, I would like to mention that Maqsud, your journey is still going and I wish you all the very best forever. Keep up your work and maintain everything that you have achieved after so many struggles. 

Enjoy with your friends or family at this wondrous place. The timings of the restaurant remain fixed. It is open from 12 pm to 3 pm in the afternoon and then from 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm.

You can e-mail them at this address - and contact them at 09227200077. The first thing that may come to your mind is to look at the page of this popular restaurant. Find out the delicious dishes on the personal page of Max kitchen -

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