Mother - A Divine Soul

Prajju | 22-Nov-2016

Someone asked me today "Why do you always write ur mother's name in all the official forms?" "Wherever it is to fill either father's or mother's name, I write my mom's name anything wrong with it?" I asked.
"No but we need to write father's name na." came the reply. "There is no such rules dear. Writing mothers name, That happens only in case of a single parent. Why? When u write ur dad's name when it is asked for a parent name, does that mean ur mother is no more?" That someone just replied with the most irritating word ever "hmmm" I really don't understand why people have this kind of mindset? Is that a shame to write ur mother's name? I don't think so.

Mother - A Devine Soul

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Why is it so awkward for people to write the name of the woman, who carried you in her womb for 9 months, who always stood beside you, no matter what the situation is. She is the one who loves you unconditionally. Just one hug from her gives you the courage to face all the toughest challenges of life solely. Whenever your health goes down, her touch makes your sufferings much lesser. That happiness in her when she finds you happy. Those tears in her beautiful eyes when you are sad. She is the one, who is not jealous seeing you more successful than her. Is always ready to cook for you if you are hungry, no matter what the time is. When there are 4 people at the table and there are only 3 pieces of cake, she is the only one saying "I don't like it having now" (even  if she's craving to have it at that moment). Looks at all your childhood pics and misses you, when you are busy having fun with other people. (and the list goes on about what all she did for u.) No..!! I DONT GET ASHAMED OR FEEL AWKWARD WHEN I WRITE MY MAA'S NAME EVERYWHERE. Some People need to level up their standards of thinking..!!

So you decided to commit suicide? Decided To run away from ur responsibilities. Decided not to face all ur problems like a coward? I may be rude, but whatever I am telling you the fact. What the hell did u just think, that u decided to end your life? Oh, you think your love life isn't good? Or ur partner cheated on u? (I always find most of the suicide cases are because of love failures these days.) Chalo, tell me one thing. 

Was Your partner there with you since when you were born? Was your partner the one who went through the pain of so many bones breaking at the same time while giving you birth? No! It was your mother who suffered all those. 

Was your partner the one who treated you like a princess/prince, fulfilled all your wishes, worked day and night, just to make sure you get all the things you want? No!! It was your father.

Was it your partner who shared your closet, teased you, had fun with you, fought with you but at the same time, would definitely kill the person who tries to hurt you. No!! It was your sibling who loved you so much..!!

It's all about love. 

Mother - A Devine Soul

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Stop depending on someone else so much..!! A single person can't control ur life. You are the one who can decide whether your life will be a happy life or not..!! And my dear, love is not about killing yourself if you don't get up getting married to the person you love. Love is about staying together emotionally, not physically. It is a beautiful feeling. Please don't disrespect it by ending up your life in that way. 

I know heartbreaks are painful. Maybe god has planned something better than that, maybe a better person than him/her, may be the one who loves you unconditionally like your family, may be the one who never hurts you knowingly or unknowingly. Have faith in God. Take some time. Be alone for some time. Give yourself some time. Cry harder for some time. But make sure this 'some time' should not be so long, that you just end up losing all those pretty and happy phases of your life. And once you are done crying, make sure you see that you don't cry for the same reason again.

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