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Life is an enigma, neither you can prognosticate, nor stratagem it. The prominence of life is in the moments which make it worthwhile. You’ll never know what’s next until confronted with. That makes it interesting.

You never know if you’ll collide with someone in the library and discover same interests or you’ll meet someone in the wedding you never wanted be a part of but found the love of your life or meeting someone in the classroom and inaugurating an eternal friendship. Well, everything sounds a little dramatic except the classroom scene, which appears little plain sailing. That’s how life evolves in unpredictable fashion embarking the beginnings of beautiful stories.


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What might happen when a seventeen-year-old small town girl migrates in a city filled with glitter, glamour, luxurious cars, shopping malls, multiplexes and thousands of unknown faces?  She came in the city with millions of dreams and an innocent heart, but everything seemed haphazard. She had never been away from home ever before. A girl who had no idea how to use ATM, a girl who never knew how to get the mobile recharge done, a girl who was always pampered by her family was now all on her own in an unknown city where she knew no place other than her classes and hostel.

When life takes your examination, it wants to surprise you with something startling.

Hostel mornings in the clumsy room never disappointed her as much as running late for the class did. She always reached the classes on time, “exactly on time”, not even a minute early. The class was always all set with the teacher, appeared as if the class was waiting for her arrival to get started. She would always look down and get drowned into books. That day was unlike other days, not because something extraordinary was being taught, instead something phenomenal was yet to happen. She met someone that day.

She conversed with the girl sitting next to her, who was unhypocritical and as ambitious as her. They talked and talked about their interests, hobbies, backgrounds, studies, syllabus and what not. The distinctive thing about her was the genuine affection and tenderness. She displayed generosity and was profoundly cordial. They became friends.

They would study hard, share meals, solve illustrations, make fun of teachers, laugh loud, click pictures, eat noodles and even bunk classes on cancellation of lectures. The town which was unknown few months back started appearing familiar now. The tasks she never comprehended earlier were now a cake walk and the messy hostel room still looked topsy- turvy. After all, some things never change.

She didn’t find a friend in that city, rather she found family, a sister.

Life is a journey and family and friends are companions who make this travelling experience worthwhile.

Relationships are not only the ones we are born with, besides they are the ones which we build in the mould of tremendous love and warmth, magnanimously.

Why don’t you keep your mould ready?

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