My Mother's Secret

Amrit Versha | 14-Mar-2017

In the difficult times of my life, I always sought for inspirations from outside. I read motivational books, I saw success interviews and I heard great stories, but what I came to know now has totally filled me with wonder. I have met the best inspiration and got to know the best lessons in only a short conversation with the closest person of my life. I am talking about my mother, Mrs Sadhana Kumari, a woman with an indomitable spirit, profound generosity, unmatchable courage and ample of patience.

My Mothers Secret

She has well played her role as a daughter, sister, theist, student, and now in the same way or even more, she is playing her roles as the number one wife and the most loving mother. You must be wondering why I am admiring her to this extent. Do not get me wrong. It is not because she is my mother, but for her life of eternal striving and dreaming.

 Born in a poverty-stricken rural family of four brothers and two sisters, all the assets she carried with herself were the moral values and guidelines given to her by her educated parents. Her father built the foundation of knowledge in her by teaching her day-and-night since he was a schoolteacher of an elementary school, and her mother poured the nectar of humanity, wisdom, and altruism on her soul. My maternal grandmother was a literate lady but for the sake of her household responsibilities, she had to live as a housemaker. It was her love that nurtured my mother's personality.

Even though my mother was not a very attractive girl, she never considered herself as a lowly child. Instead of that, she always held herself with confidence, for she believed in the beauty of the heart. For her such a sharp brain and of course incessant hard work, she received the Rural National Scholarship in 1979, when she was in the sixth standard. According to the Scholarship rules, she left her home for her further studies. It was for the first time that she was going away from her family but she understood the inevitability of the situation.

Now a new chapter opened as she entered into Mokshda Girls Senior Secondary School, Bhagalpur, Bihar. This little bud had to bloom into a flower and she did. Rising early at 4 in the morning, making her bed, freshening herself up and getting ready till 5a.m, then reaching the study hall and spending one and a half hour there, rushing to her school from the hostel and spending five hours there till 12pm, then by hearing the bell of lunch break rushing to the mess and after 1p.m having a nap for two hours and a free time of one hour, then reaching the study hall at 4p.m for two hours and leaving the place for the playtime at 6p.m, then going to the prayer hall and again reaching the study hall at 7.30p.m and leaving it for the mess at 9p.m, then returning back to the study hall at 9.30p.m, and finally with all the lights strictly switched off at 10, she went to her bed. This was her daily routine.

 Although poverty never spared her, she has always been a lively woman. While studying in the eleventh standard, she started teaching mathematics to her juniors for improving her family's financial conditions. She also took out time to knit sweaters for her family. With an extreme passion for mathematics, she scored distinction in twelfth grade. Now when the time to decide her career came in her life, her destiny became an obstacle. One day before her maths entrance exam, arthritis blocked her limbs and so she could not do better in it. Finally, she had to go for the bachelor's and later the masters in Physics, which was actually not what she wished, but this optimistic lady accepted it with a smile and became a postgraduate teacher of physics in Faridabad after her marriage.

She has been teaching her students since 1999 with the best efforts and proudly raising two naughtiest daughters like a perfect friend and mentor. People wonder at her working capacity, and even I too did before. But now, I know the secret behind it. It is just the discipline, which always keeps her on track. Never think it is like living in a prison. Believe me, it is the real freedom! Think about it for a while and you will realise why I am saying so.

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