Mystery of Red Socks

Once upon a time, there was a rich man who had six kids, named – Mary, John, Potter, Pan, Jack and Jonas. He was strict with his kids and had kept a guard George to be with the kids all the time. But the children wished to go on an adventurous trip. They used to dream to go to such a place where there would be an adventure and they would have fun. They spoke to their neighbour Marina about their wish. Marina was a smart girl. She agreed to help them.

Mystery of red socks

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Marina – ok, dear children I have a gift for you.

Children (in a chorus) – what’s that?

Marina gave them a pair of red socks and told them that these socks can tell them about some secret place where the hidden treasure is kept.

Marina – Dear kids, there is a secret way through the forest, where if you go further, you will find a secret cave. It is a scary place and requires great courage to face the monsters and snakes.

Jonas – Yes, we have the courage. We will go deep into the woods to the cave and find hidden treasure.

Mary – I agree with Jonas. And thank you so much, Ms Marina, for the socks.

All other kids thanked Marina and they decided to set out for their trip to the woods. They went back to their home and planned for the next day trip. The next day came and they told their father that they had to go to the bookshop in the marketplace to buy some books. Their father agreed to send the kids, but only if they would go with the guard.

Father – Alright, you can go, but please make sure that George is with you all the time.

Kids – Yes father, don’t worry; we will go with him only.

The kids had already planned how to distract the guard George from his duty and get rid of him to venture into the forest. The kids set out for their journey the next morning along with the guard. On the way, they demanded George bring food for them.

Pan – Mr George, can you please bring some food for us. We are so hungry.

George – But you just had breakfast at home.

Jack – Yes, but actually you know, father only told us to have small meals throughout the day to keep us healthy.

George – Alright, I will surely bring something to eat for you dear kids. But you promise me that you won’t go anywhere until I return.

The kids agreed and George went to bring the food. While the kids made merry that George was away, so they could then run away to the forest.

Potter – Oh God, thank you so much for keeping this chewing gum like guard away from us for some time at least.

John – c’mon guys, let’s move ahead of our treasure hunt before this chewing gum man comes back.

Mystery of red socks

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All the kids proceeded with vigour towards the direction of the forest which was just opposite to the way to market. They ran up fast until they were tired and started to take heavy breaths. Afterwards, they started walking towards the woods. Once they reached the forest, they sighed a breath of relief. But the real danger lay ahead. They had to confront difficulties. John and Jonas got suddenly separated from the other children. It was a dark pathway where John and Jonas started walking without realising that their siblings are not with them. they screamed all the way while walking. “Help, help, Mary, Potter, Pan, we are here. Are you listening?”

Pan – yes, here we are. Where are you?

Potter – Jonas, John, we are near the big tree. Can you hear us?

After a gap.

Jonas – yes, we can hear you now. We don’t know where the tree is, but I think we are marching ahead towards the direction from where your voice is coming.

Then after a lot of hue and cry, they finally met their siblings. Their siblings were also calling out aloud their names to search them. When it was dark all the way, only voices helped them in finding each other and finding out the right way out. Voice is indeed a treasure in itself for the human life. If the voice is utilised properly, it can help to solve the most complex problems in life.

All of them rejoiced when they met, hugged each other with great relief in their heart. It was a tough time for them. The two boys John and Jonas to even escape the monsters and snakes they confronted on their dark way.

After travelling through the scary way, they found something important. Suddenly John discovered and felt a thick paper beneath his feet. He told the other kids to wait and see what it was. He picked it up and shed the mud, as it was covered with mud. The map depicted the way to the cave where the treasure was hidden. Mary put her hand in her pocket to find out the red socks, but after not finding the socks, she started crying. Other kids pacified here saying that it was the map that would guide them. so there was no need to worry about.

Mystery of red socks

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They followed the map’s directions and saw that they had reached the mouth of a big cave. They entered the cave and found that there were three doors. John and Jonas opened the first door and found bronze coins over there. They were amazed to see the treasure. The kids then picked up the coins and filled their pockets and bag.

Then Potter and Pan opened the second door and found out silver coins. They were overjoyed to see the silver coins and started picking up the coins as much as possible for them. They had not picked up all the silver as well as bronze coins, as their bag and their pockets could contain only some coins. Moreover, they had to make sure that their pockets and bag should not overflow, because they had to keep each coin safe, otherwise their treasure could get robbed.

Mary – Now I will open the third door.

Jack – Sure  Mary.

After grabbing the silver and bronze coins, children were expecting gold coins from the third room. This is a natural feeling that each human being has. After human beings come across some treasure or gift in their life, they expect life to give them unlimited gifts. But life is not about only gifts. Sometimes it gives you gifts, other times it gives you jolts and many times it gives you the right way out of the problems. The right way is also shown to the humans when their work is done. we might think that we have to grab something or the other from the opportunity that we have in front of us, but life would show us the right time when that the time for that opportunity is over. Then no more treasure we could get that opportunity, once it is lost.

Mary opened the third door. As she opened the door, the others were holding their breaths as if to scream in delight to find out the gold. But to their surprise, it was the way out of the forest. Jack was almost about to shout aloud –“Yes we have found the (With a pause)..Not gold, but have found something else.”

Potter – Oh it’s not the gold but the way out of the forest. (in a surprised tone)

Jonas – Oh, what’s the use then? We were here for searching the treasure.( he felt bad)

Pan – So what dear, c’mon guys, we have of course found the treasure. We have found our strengths, we have found the way through the forest, through such scary ways, we have found each other through the use of our voices, and otherwise we would have got lost. Most important is the treasure of our hearts that we have found through this journey. The treasure of hearts is that we have been with each other throughout and not for a single moment we thought that we would die or will be lost and we even did not fight for the treasure. Rather, we are sharing it happily amongst ourselves. Let’s not mourn the fact that we have not found gold and let us move out quickly, it‘s already late and by the time we will reach out home, it would be dark.

The others rejoiced and agreed to Pan’s point. They quickly moved out through that way of the third door and ran as much as they could with the loaded bag of coins. They got back home and found George at the gate, staring at them in anger.

George – Where were all of you?(angrily)

Jack – Hello Mr George. Actually, we were, just playing around and while playing we got to a wrong path and that is how we got so late.

Mary – Yes Mr George, we were crying and shouting to get help all the way.

Mystery of red socks

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Others also started to pour in comments to convince George. George was finally convinced that they were playing and got in the wrong way somehow. They met Marina and told her that the socks were lost. She surprised them by saying that it was a false story and the socks were just ordinary. She had stolen the socks, to make the kids do something adventurous in life. But the actual treasure that the kids had found was a hidden secret now.

Marina never got to know what the treasure was. The kids were surprised by Marina’s plan, but more than that they were happy to find the treasure and therefore Marina’s surprise was not as big as their own treasures they had found themselves.

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