Need of Content Marketing in Marketing Strategy

Every business needs continuous arrival of new customers in order to sustain and grow. However, customers do not drop in from the sky it requires a regular constant effort to tell them about your business and bring to your doorstep to buy your product. These constant efforts constitute your marketing strategy and are responsible for you acquiring new customers.

Marketing is a cumulative tool comprising of many tools which bring in more business. Content Marketing is one such tool of marketing which focuses on planned creation and distribution of varied forms of content as blogs, articles, audio, graphics, images and videos etc to attract and retain targeted audiences and also seek clear action from the customer to make the profit.

Need of Content Marketing in Marketing Strategy

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Among various marketing strategies, content marketing is very quickly catching up as a key tool to reach the targeted potential customers and increase the sales. Here are some reasons you should include content marketing in your marketing strategy:

1. Latest Trend - Content marketing has become the global trend as a part of marketing strategy of all the big businesses. They have realised its impact and have implemented it into their marketing strategy. For a small and new business with limited funds content marketing ensures they reach the maximum customers helping them grow fast.

2. Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimisation is required to bring your web page to the first page of the search results, which in turn helps in bringing more prospective customers to your website and pitch in your product for sale. Content in all forms improve Search Engine Optimisation of your website as in written form of blogs and content of the website; they contain keywords from your industry to give you best result during the search. Also, content in the image form when tagged properly using ALT tag boosts your SEO.

3. Higher Audience Engagement - With well-crafted content, the audience feels closer and like to interact more often and like to share the content. This also makes them return to your page or website more frequently increasing the chances of higher conversion and sales.

4. Builds Loyalty - An informative content not only educates the customers but helps them make a better choice for products and services they wish to use. Clubbed with the content the quality product or service creates loyal followers who buy your products, services and also refer them to others.

5. More Options for Marketing - The various forms of contents opens up many choices to choose from blogs, articles, graphics or videos to promote your business. One can use the mix content options for promotion based on the product or service line they have and achieve better results in the form of higher sales. 

6. Results in Higher Impact of Traditional Marketing Strategies - Content marketing complements equally the traditional marketing strategies and also in the due course of time gives a higher output than traditional marketing. Many businesses have even agreed to the addition of more value to their regular strategies clubbed with well-planned content marketing strategy. 

7. More People Going Online - Reach of the internet is expanding very fast and more than 3 billion people are already using the internet on daily basis worldwide. There has been a great surge in the use of the internet as a resource to search for different subjects in past 2-3 years. This number is further going up with more emphasis on digitisation and services been made available online. It has made it even more critical for producing high-value contents which are readily accessible to the audiences worldwide. 

8. Gives You Global Presence - Since the internet has no boundaries and more people coming online your contents bring more focus to your business from all over the world. Also, the very nature of the contents to be available online 24*7 it’s available through the internet to prospective customers living in different corners of the globe. 

9. Social Media - With over 2.6 billion people using the social platform and rising sharply, social media has become a virtual place where people love to meet like-minded people across the globe. Content marketing through social media takes your business into their personal life building trust. Many businesses use social media as a tool for their sales strategy too. 

10. Better Return on Investment - About 76% business who have included content writing as part of their marketing strategies confirm that they have a better return on investment on marketing strategies. In fact, they believe a right combination of traditional marketing tools and content marketing can boost their business further.

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