No beauty shines brighter than that of a good Heart

Sheela Joby | 08-Dec-2016

Waves come and the waves go. With each wave comes a tremendous energy with which the wave rises, falls back and marches back to the sea. Gushing wind blowing over the sea gives ample encouragement of the waves.

No beauty shines brighter than a good Heart

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Let’s study this example of two types of perspectives.

Perspective 1

It is the wind that pushes the water to flow back and forth, so that the water dashes ahead, rise and then slips back. Imagine, if there was no wind blowing over the sea, how the water would move, how the waves would have been created. Without the wind, the water would have been still and there would not have been any movement. Imagine the sun glowing with the seawater, birds chirping, but now waves rising and falling. We would have watched still sea water – no movement, no life, nothing.

No beauty shines brighter than a good Heart

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Will you like to see such a thing in your own life? Well, the connection with this scene of the human life is very simple. It’s just like a mathematical calculation. Put a person or any situation that is creating waves of your life in place of the wind. And put yourself in place of water. Now see the effect.

Perspective 2

One cannot go on complaining all the time about the wind, that because of it there is the disturbance in life. Rather, it is the wind’s compassion that is touching your heart and trying to make you listen to the sound that it makes. Now, see this scene from the perspective of friendship or relationship. When the wind touches the water, the water reacts to the wind’s compassion, by moving with the wind and rising and falling. The water waves, thus created to applaud the union of water and wind by making a huge sound, that sound is the essence of life. The wind would make a little sound, which is not even noticeable sometimes, but the sound made by the union of water and the wind in the form of waves, is easily audible and creatures on the earth enjoy that sound.

Apply this scene of the life of humans. Like the wind, any person would like to connect to another person. Sometimes, this connection becomes like the perspective no 1, while other times it is like the perspective no 2. Perspective no 1 turns to perspective no 2 when the person understands that his or her fellow human being is not trying to hurt, but trying to communicate something to him or her. On the contrary, if the person does not understand this, he or she just walks out of that situation and the entire dialogue fails. This condition is a dangerous one, where any relationship or friendship is at stake.

The days after the dramatic tragedies of history like the end of the Second World War and the Indian Independence saw a complete change of humans’ hearts. The period following these events gave birth to scepticism, rather faithlessness. Nobody wants to trust the fellow human beings, whether it’s their home, workplace, place of education, even places of worship.

The connection between a human heart to another human’s heart has either been dilapidated or for the worse, has been completely lost. This environment where all of us are living has blocked our ways to connect with each other. We look at each other through the eyes of the evil or the devil. Having mistrusted as the basis of our families value, education, and work, we have ourselves created unhappy and deceitful surroundings. Rather blaming on others for this situation, one must peep into his or her heart. We have lost our relationships of home, we have lost our friends (the gems of our life) and we have lost good colleagues at our workplace, we have lost precious opportunities in business because of living in this dirty environment. Or should it be said in this way “we have lost everything because we have ourselves created this condition for all of us.”

Connecting human heart human heart is an essential step towards a peaceful world, a happy world. Fixing the errors in handling the relations, managing work and personal life simultaneously, giving hundred percent in work, all these are small efforts towards this big purpose. These are the branches of the happy world tree. If the branches are broken or are cut to separate them from the tree totally, the tree will remain, but the growth that once was shown will be gone. Without the branches, how much fruit could a tree give? How much shade that tree would provide?

No beauty shines brighter than a good Heart

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If the world has moved towards a technological revolution, then the world can also do send in terms of happiness. By disconnecting from other people, relatives, friends and even seniors in our workplace, people are going in the reverse direction instead.

The important part of everyday affairs is to understand the other person’s heart. It should not be an interfering communication, nor it should be a dominating one, but it must be compassionate and based on the right values.

From becoming a value-laden society, we have become a valueless society. Far from achieving the goal of making the world a better place, we have rather turned it into an annoying place. If one corner of the world is getting cleaned at one time, another part is getting dirtier than ever at the same time. Values and ethics are not the words of the history books. They form the very basis of an individual’s life. Gradually the human minds lose the wisdom to find the values and apply them in the daily life. From here begins the struggle for a man. Every time that man sees another person in the office, he gives a disgusting look, or he comes back home and forgets that he has his family life wherein he can pour out his feelings and find solace.

Similarly, a woman wakes up every morning to work at her home and then in the office, only to take out her frustration on everybody, rather than mingling up with people. Why is all this frustration being felt by so many people around the world? Even if the readers don’t find it in their lives, they will realise that at some point, they will behave like this only.

To understand how to mend these torn situations, we need to understand each others’ hearts. Yes, it is true and a sad part of the world that some of our fellow beings mislead us, cheat us and even misbehave with us. But there are the true spirits also, who live with us, who trust us and count on us.  Because of the evil spirited people, we fail to understand even the pure-hearted people. When once this happens, we neglect our own fault and blame others. The people, who are hurt by us, lose the charm in life to meet us or even communicate with us. Then further problems arise. This cycle goes endlessly until the chain is out and we are finally dehumanised, lost in grief and depressed.

No beauty shines brighter than a good Heart

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To end this cycle, we need to take measures. There is a growing need to make other people comfortable with our presence, to win their confidence through our care, compassion and courage. We ourselves need to be compassionate towards other lives. If one life will respect the dignity of life, beautiful flowers of purity, sanctity and love will automatically bloom all over the earth.

Let’s create the world and not destroy it. Let’s meet each other, communicate and love

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