No more standing in queues!! Sit & enjoy

Shalini Rai | 14-Jul-2016

There is nothing more entertaining than going to the movie theatre with friends or to spend quality time with your family. In India, movies and cinema have been an integral part of our cultural celebrations since decades. The heart-touching emotions in a drama, the laughter explosions in a comedy movie, the sonorous impact in a cinema while watching an action movie, all those whistles and giggles makes your day perfect.

Mozzo Jump the queue in Food Courts

Moreover, the cinemas have been saturated with the tempting smell of salt and butter. Yes, it is hard to imagine any movie outing without a big bucket of tasty crunchy popcorn.Earlier people never preferred eating popcorns, while watching a movie as it caused disturbance due to its crunchy sounds. On the contrary, these days people do not prefer to watch a film without a tub of popcorns. It gradually became a part of cinema culture all over the globe.

 According to me, these days movies are not limited just to popcorns and cold-drinks by your side, but it’s about enjoying a plethora of other options also. We are lucky to be a part of such a high-tech generation, wherein, the scope with smartphones is incredible. One click and we get a lot of food beside us. Thanks to these applications. We do not have to pop-out our heads from the queues and pray that one does not miss anything in the movie.

Out of the blue, I finally found a solution to this problem, when my friends and I went to watch a Salman Khan’s flick. It all started at the time of interval when I was sharing some pictures with my friend via Bluetooth. Suddenly, I got a Chrome notification on my phone, and I was muddled as I didn’t know what that was. Then, one of my tech-savvy pals told me that this notification is due to a beacon device which allows the transfer of a small amount of data via Bluetooth in a short range.

My mind was really curious to know what was going on, and so I clicked on it, and I was amazed to find something that made me thank technology again. It was a complete menu of the multiplex on, and I found it really easy to place my order online in a just fraction of seconds. In no time, after discussing, we placed the order, and we received an SMS of our order, and in a couple of blinks we got our order in our respective seats, without even getting up from there. That day I realised MOZZO is a real genius, and after that day I installed this application and since then I have not seen queues for food till date.

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