Not Being Eco-Friendly

Sheela Joby | 11-Nov-2016

We fulfil our daily duties; we live our respective roles in life. Still, in the process, we tend to forget some important people and things. It's not difficult to identify what is pointed over here. After reading the previous line, many of you would say "of course I' am concerned and I do take care of the environment." This makes us bear the consequences of not being eco-friendly.

Not Being Eco-Friendly

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This is important because only we "the human beings" have the duty to take care of our environment, no aliens would arrive from Mars or Venus to take care of this planet.

Some things not changed 
There are some bad habits of people, which have not changed and it shows that they are least bothered about the environment. Anyone can make out your personality from the surroundings you live in.

This is especially for those people who like to decorate our mother earth by pouring out their love in the form of garbage on the roads, in the middle of the streets, even outside their own houses. So, nature and environment lovers, the senior citizens and the children (future of the Earth) please take care of such wonderful people. You have a special duty to pinpoint them and make them realise that their actions will make our lives hell. 

Spreading the Polluted Air 
Even more dangerous is the increasing level of air pollution day by day. Driving to reach the workplace in time is essential, but can we find a way out to sustain the environment and reach the office in time simultaneously?

Yes, there are ways which have been communicated from time to time by the government as well by the NGOs. But "who care". This attitude is actually leading to the recent increased levels of air pollution in the Metro cities.

The environment is also reflected back into our daily actions, so much so that we are inhaling the most toxic gas and becoming weaker day by day. One can imagine the poor health of our future generations, the conditions in which they will grow up. We can only hope that they get to see the greeneries virtually and not just in pictures.

Not Being Eco-Friendly

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The unavoidable uses 
However alert we are in utilising the resources with a sustainable point of view, there would still be something left uncovered. Because we cannot actually imagine our lives without those things. One of the most important of those things is paper. Crores of trees are being cut for making paper and we still cannot stop using paper. Similarly, we have plastic bottles for travelling, baby diapers, toilet tissues and many more things including the "black gold- the oil" which has become the essence of our lives now.

Still, there is Hope 
After reading this material, don't become negative that there is any hope to save the environment. There are a lot of many ways to contribute in making the environment cleaner.  You only need to pick up any one or more than one such method which you can do. For instance, carpooling, using the public transport, using e-rickshaws are some of the methods suggested and even tried by many people which you also can take up.

Reusing and recycling materials like paper, cardboards, plastic bags (unless they are really unhygienic) will help a lot in reducing land pollution. Instead of throwing the organic wastes of your house, make manure out of it and use it for your plants. You can find out on the internet easily how making manure on your own.

Concern for the environment
First of all, to take care of the environment, you need to develop a concern in your heart. Concern makes all the difference. See around yourself, the trees, the flowers, the azure of the sky, birds chirruping, beautiful scenes of sunrise and sunset. Don't you feel attracted by these phenomena? If yes, your concern to save the environment will automatically rise, as neglecting of the environment will adversely affect these things.

Small things make big differences.
In your free time go around interacting with people and discussing with them about the deteriorating condition of our environment. If any day has gone bad for you in your workplace or even at home, get up and take a walk to the nearest park, playground or any path you find good. This is yet another way to develop the concern for the environment.

Not Being Eco-Friendly

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The more you see it, the more you will be attached to your surroundings.  The more you talk to people about it, those many people are awakened regarding their duties as dwellers of the Earth. It happens that one may be a highly educated person, but he or she may not be caring about the environment. Therefore, sending this message to them is essential.

The water left after washing or soaking grains in the kitchen use that water for the plants. It's healthy for the plants. Though, be careful while pouring water in the plants. There should never be sugar in the water, which is you are going to give to the plants. It is harmful to the plants.

If any organic stuff is left in the kitchen, which is in good condition, but you don't like to consume, you can feed it to the stray animals. In fact, this problem is faced by each household daily. So you can even talk to your neighbours and fix days to feed those animals in a particular place so that your surroundings are not deteriorated and the food is also consumed.

If you are living in an apartment, then try to visit any park or any other natural surroundings which you like on a holiday. These days, we are intentionally or unintentionally running away from nature's creations. It does not always give us happiness to be in the air conditioned rooms. After all, we are but the creations of nature. You would love it when you will be out in the open air for some time.

Working for big things will not make a difference unless we work within our limits. Our environment needs special care because we live in such times when our necessities and luxuries are killing the nature every day.

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