Oh! School I miss You

Pradumn Chourey | 04-Oct-2016

With curly hair and tiny wet eyes.
with short pants and a loose tie,
with a washy, pale and nervous face,
I entered into a scenic place.

Oh School I miss you

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Huge the entrance and the ground so wide,
my father brought me and left me aside.
what to do? how to do?
where to go? I can't decide.

I looked around and felt amazed,
but somewhere in mind, little afraid.
ups and downs and turns and twists,
each day was an exciting gift.

Like sand from hand, time flowed.
I learnt a lot, a lot bestowed.
new experiences, new thoughts on every step,
new hurdle, new coaches on every lap.

All were having varied views.
from everyone, I learnt something new,
a lot to gain, a lot to look.
school,a scrumptious chapter of life's book.

It was the cocktail of truth and lies.
was hard to say the last good by.
don't let these days be wasted in vain,
once gone, no gold can buy them back again.

Love for the place will never-ever faint.
gone the days but not the stains.
I wish I could come back to you.
oh! my school I miss you.


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Pradumn Chourey
I am A writer And A Poet. I Believe That a Writer Is Someone Who Is Passionately In Love With The Language and So am I. As Robert Frost Said "I am not A Teacher But Yes I am An Awakener.