Paradise On Earth - Willemstad Curacao

Severine Rodrigues | 04-Jan-2017

Willemstad Curacao is a great place for the archaeologist to research and discover things, meanwhile an industry and the city that has several casinos. It is a most famous Caribbean island, Willemstad being the capital city of Curacao encloses many colonial architectures that are the prominence of Dutch styles. Couples who are planning to visit a place after wedding must come here and spend their time relaxing on the beach watching the sunset point.

Paradise on Earth - Willemstad Curacao

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The island history stretches back to 17 century BC where they provided inhabitation for the Jewish people in America since 1651.The Dutch, Netherlands and the Sephardic Jews shaped the culture and economy of the island.In 17 and 18 century the profession of importing slaves from Africa and other countries was going on. People worked very hard in different fields and plantation, Thus it helped them to increase the capital of the island, proper wages were not paid to the workers, later the business continued between two countries China and Netherlands. By signing the treaty of Paris between the British and the Dutch slavery was ended.

To begin with, the population is about 15,000, sparsely populated in most parts; people are concentrated in cities and towns. Beautiful people of Willemstad have different culture, habits, customs and tradition Afro-Caribbean’s acquiring the major part of Curacao.
Its low altitude makes the climate of Curacao extremely hot. Several months of the year have windy days. During spring and winter precipitation and frost can be seen. Rainfalls can be seen In the month of October.


Kura Hulanda Museum
If you are a lover of paintings this is the best place to visit. The slave trade is nicely depicted in the form of picture in Kura hulan da museum. It can be called as anthropological museum people should plan to take school children on a study tour. I think it would be a cool idea. It gives lot of information about the place about pre -Columbian gold, relics of Mesopotamian and representation of Antillean arts.

Paradise on Earth - Willemstad Curacao

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Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge
Want to enjoy walking then you must proceed to this beautiful bridge it looks really astonished during the nights when it is lighted up. It also has a ferry to help people reach out their ships and boats are allowed to walk across the bridge it is pleasure to watch this out.

Mikve Isreal-Emanuel Synagogue Temple 
Spiritually active people can visit this mind-blowing temple It is quite old and has all historical monuments of the Jewish people. Your eyes won’t be tired looking at this lovely attractive place visitors can worship the almighty with perfect silence. Interior decorations are superb and the floor is full of sand.
Hato Caves
Again Hato caves reveal the history of slavery that existed long years ago. It is astonishing spot, Very large in structure a bit hot inside. Services of the staff are hospitable and floors and grounds are beautiful.

Curacao Sea Aquarium
Want to play with dolphins! Then you are on the right track yes Curacao Sea Aquarium is an ideal place for you. Different water transport is available here where you can see the aquatic fishes and animals. Pictures can be taken out at the counter if you are interested there are photographers always at your help. Lovers of the freshwater world who visit this place has its top ratings when compared to any other aquarium in the world.

Knepa beach
Willemstad Curacao is justifiably known for its beaches. While the beaches are awash with budget travellers for all ages. Friends! If you want to tan your body and get some vitamin D for your body. Knepa beach is well touristic, even if you are in a hurry one should not miss an opportunity to visit here. The flowing clear waters and crystal sand add beauty to this place.

Places to stay
The beach resorts are fantastic with cordial staff and are at your services throughout the day. The place is the perfect destination for honeymoon. Those you prefer accommodation with a low budget, guest houses and holiday inn are a perfect requirement.

Willemstad Curacao is in fact, called shopping paradise; it is a great place where you can shop numerous things in duty-free shops. So friends enjoy your vacation with a great deal.

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