Patriotism vs Bollywood support for Outsiders

Swapna Rajput | 05-Oct-2016

Last month, after Uri attack by Pakistani terrorists and the counter attack by our brave army (surgical strike), patriotism is shining in the heart of every Indian.

On one side our Hon.P.M.Modiji is planning to develop our nation’s financial situation by getting business around the world, bringing down the internal corruption and many more missions like Clean India, Make in India etc.

In the meanwhile, there are lots of things happening in our beloved Bollywood. As we all know we are very emotional when it comes to 2C’s, Cricket & Cinema (Movies)! We Indians shared these emotions with the entire world. We welcomed everyone around the world in IPL, we loved to cast the artists in our films around the world. There were many actors from other countries worked in Bollywood. And not to forget some of our talented actors are also making big names in Hollywood and became international superstars. But from past decade it has been a trend of casting Paki actors, singers and musicians in Bollywood. In this interim, after these attacks by neighbouring country, MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena ) has ordered Pakistani actors to leave our country ASAP.

Patriotism vs Bollywood support for outsiders

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As a result, Pakistani actors, Fawad Khan (Daily soap actor in Pakistan) and Mahira Khan were sent back to their nation. They are on big projects at present worked for Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shah Rukh Khan starer Raees respectively. After going back to Pak Fawad has given some statements there like ‘Bollywood is not someone’s father’s property! Indians have very small heart!’

Our countrymen got annoyed with these statements. But if you ask me, Yes, of course, he is right! If it would have been someone’s father property, he would not have been cast in several Indian films and became International superstar in his country (Who was once just a small screen actor there)! Indians do have a small heart because we accept any kind of bullshit in our country by outsiders and make them superstars by showering limelight on them! Some other country actors and actresses don’t even know Hindi & can’t act at all, live with  the same expressions throughout the movie! Yet, we spend money on these artists by watching their and their godfathers (our country’s superstars/directors) movies, who bestowed them with all the opportunities.

The so-called godfathers do not see talent in our country. There are hundreds of good singers, actors who participate in reality shows. There are lakhs of talented people waiting every day for the opportunity to shine their luck. Not to forget, many of today’s superstars and directors, who are casting these outsiders have struggled in the same way to achieve this position, why can’t they imagine that, if in their struggle period, their godfathers decided to give break to any other country’s actors/directors then they would have never reached here.

Patriotism vs Bollywood support for outsiders

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This partiality and biased judgment have become a trend in our country. Last year, there was a huge debate on communism and secularism! Some actors caught in an act that time. An actor said that he doesn’t feel this country safe anymore. Of course, they must have felt safer at the time of crores of black money scams and terrorist attacks on all the major cities of India! When the country wasn’t seeing any hope in the leadership of India. However, media shows some stories and actors say something else to be diplomatic after the hype of something.

Now coming back to present, some of our superstars are upset and worried for Paki actors, because of this oppose by our countrymen! They say ‘Paki actors are not terrorists! They have Visa!’

Yes, there cricketers and actors are not terrorists, we do accept that, and that is the reason till today, we are the big opportunity to them and share space with them in all our entertainment sectors from small screen comedy shows to big screen movies and I even read that we were also about to give them a chance in IPL. I ask a single question that does they have same feelings for us? If yes then why don’t they give a free pass to our actors (of course our superstars wouldn’t fit into their budget!), just like we do! Why they ban our meaningful movies. They banned Phantom because it had a reason, terrorist! But they banned M.S.Dhoni as well! I didn’t see any terrorist in it, LOL!

This is a story of Bollywood but supporting terrorism doesn’t end here, lots of politicians and industrialists have been funding and supporting these terrorists. Some of the top names have been disclosed for signing a petition for the release of a terrorist! (Of which WhatsApp message has been circulating for months with the names!)

I am getting messages every day urging for all the above things as well as for

-Banning Chinese lights in this festive season, as they say, China is supporting Pak for terrorism. And indirectly we are supporting them for terrorism by buying cheap Chinese products.

-Stop watching upcoming Pak actors Hindi movies. Boycotting the actors who support Paki actors etc. However, these movies have already been sold out and the actors were already been paid. The losses have to be borne by the distributors and the Hindi film industry. But the point is they should get a lesson and start hunting the talent inside.

Patriotism vs Bollywood support for outsiders

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The overall conclusion of this topic is not communism or secularism. But yes, not only Bollywood but India has become outsider’s habitation and our talent (including movies, science, and technology) is working for outside countries. Not from today but from thousands of years, our culture and pride have been pressed by outsiders. So to end this, patriotism shouldn’t rise in our heart only at these times, it should live always. Following Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji’s slogan, Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan on his Birth month (2- Oct- 1904 ), we should always be thankful to our brave defence and our farmers, who are only working for our betterment! Support our country as it comes first.

Bollywood always played a major role in awakening patriotism in the hearts of people. My question to Bollywood, why can't they apply that inside by casting Indians?
Can't they see any talent in crores of Indians? If they need serial actors or just fair models with no expressions then we have many of them, at least they know Hindi!
We all want peace but don't show it off by organising shows for outsiders and casting them...Improve our people and shine the luck of Indian talent first. After all, our own country comes first.

Jai Hind!

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