Peace, Self Love and X Chromosome

Nida Saqib | 09-Nov-2016


I would prefer to end myself 
Then to be in pain again.
I would prefer to sleep peacefully
Then to weep again.

There is the reason 
I love sleeping,
It gives me peace
I love myself enough,  
To let me be in peace 
The moment you leave 
Me for weeping.

Till now I loved myself enough
To breath, 
This time I will love myself 
Enough to be in peace. 

Peace, Love and X Chromosome

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Self Love

As the darkness of night took over 
She came into room, all tired after the 
Hectic day,
Carrying the broken heart inside. 
Went to take the bath,
Stood exactly under the shower.
Letting the water flow 
through her every inch.
Now wore a beautiful piece of 
Clothes, just the two piece.
Letting her skin breath,
She settled herself in her 
Cosy bed, with laptop open.
All ready to explore her body,

As she played the video 
Her fingers played with her 
Every inch of skin.
Making their way,
To let all the pain out.
With the rhythmic tone 
Coping with her body.
As the flow started 
She smiled, for all the pain was out 
In the form of water, though not tears.
For not all the girls sleep themselves
To tears, some prefer to love themselves .

X Chromosome

Why is this place 
So difficult to survive ? 
Just bcoz of being X chromosome ? 
Why parents get horrified
by X chromosome ?
Why they have to protect it from 
The outside world ! 
Just because of the presence of double X chromosome? 
Why the Y chromosome have 
Made this place Horrible for X ? 
Why parents, being open minded 
have to keep X chromo in the house, 
Just to be assured of its safety? 
Why after bearing all sort of pain 
In body X have to bear it mentally too ? 
Is it any curse with it ? 
Or just the dominance of Y. 
Just the fun for Y
Just the sense of being superior 
Why don't Y chromosome get locked ? 
Why don't they learn to be safe for X ? 
So many why's to be answered 
But no one to do so . 
Just another explanation for X that 
It belongs female. 
And female doesn't question ! Right ?

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