Phantom Lover

Nida Saqib | 13-Jan-2017

Calm and cool night it was, with soothing essence of moonlight making love with the darkness of night as if this is the last time they are together and in this exotic environment, with a cute smile on the innocent face she was living in her own world of dreams. The moonlight was adding beauty to the rose as if it was trying to seduce the glory on her face. But got itself on high as Cold and the soothing breeze made those silky hairs blow. That's when his eyes met the beauty of Dimpy, as she was looking the most soothing thing to his eyes and wonder of peace to his heart. He went near to feel the calming breath of the angel, lost in her sleep as if there was no worry in the world. As he stretched his hand to touch that glowing skin, he was taken aback for he realised the harsh truth, damn he belongs to the different world. Yeah ! He belonged to the ghostly world as he was one of the phantoms.

Phantom Lover

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Being shattered because of the truth he continued to feel the peace he felt for the first time right from the birth and now after the death. Gazing those tiny moments on her face from her smile to blowing hairs, he was lost in drinking the heavenly drink. 

As the sun was going to come up, he was bound to leave for he was called for something important. But he wanted to come back as soon as possible to see her laugh, to see those beautiful eyes and get lost in them and go as deep as ocean bed.

After the meeting with the head, he came back. Searching for her in the whole room he heard the melodious voice calling for her mother. He realised that she is the same rose, he came back for. He went down observing the tiny details of her house. As he reached the dining room, he saw the old lady may be in her forties talking to a girl, actually scolding her as she was eating in hurry-burry for she was late for her college. He went near to that girl and as he saw that cute, innocent face trying to gulp all at once. Her mother said to her "Dimpy be calm and slow down or else you will choke". Hearing this she smiled and laughed like a baby for her mischievous. He thought to himself "Oh ! My doll name is Dimpy, it is cute just like her." And after completing her meal she left.

Though she was a happy chirpy girl, she had some of her own problems. She had friends who would be with her when she is happy and would leave her side every time she would turn into a bundle of sadness. She would do good in all the subjects except maths, which would make her feel inferior. Every time she felt numb and sad, she would lock herself in her room and would cry like hell. Now every time she went to her room, he would accompany her, strangely she would feel someone around her, held but neither she could see someone nor could hear him and all this made him frustrated as he wanted to hold her tight to make her feel loved and secure. Finally, one night after she slept crying hard, being frustrated he went to his head. He asked him "Sir, did you ever loved someone?" 

"Yes" replied the head. He again shouted his next question" How you felt when your love felt sad and alone?". Master answered, " I use to go there to hold her in my arms so that she would feel loved". Sensing the frustration in him he asked: "What's wrong my boy, why are so frustrated Arjun?". Taking a deep breath he replied "But I am not able to make my love feel loved, I can not put my hands around her, I can not kiss those tears and it kills me every time a teardrop from those magical eyes. I can't see those beautiful eyes crying, they are made to shine bright and not to cry. Help me master". Head felt sad after listening and sensing his helplessness. But he smiled so brightly, helplessness? seeing this Arjun asked in amusement" You helplessness?" And thus master said, "No my boy, I am happy that I can help you to kiss her tears and make her smile". 

Listening these golden words he asked, "How". Master whispered to him "I will give you the power of your seniors but don't let your companions get to know this" he winked. Master granted him the power and he went to her. But now dilemma was how to confront her, how to go in front of her! So he decided to go to her and slowly appear in front of her and then ask her to be quiet or put hand on her mouth to maintain the silence and let him explain and finally he did so, but Dimpy was scared and confused though she did not say to anyone but it was not acceptable at first. 

But as she got to know this slowly she was OK with it. Actually, she was happy as hell to have someone beside her who would never leave her alone. After that, she rarely cried like before as he was there with her all the time to make her smile and laugh. Even now she didn't need those fake friends, at times Arjun would do some trick with them just to make her laugh and she would silently enjoy all his mischievous without letting anyone know.

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