Quest of a Pagan

Amit Singh | 15-Mar-2017

Books are humanity in print; Gopakumar Radhakrishnan is the flag bearer of Humanitarian values in our contemporary society. Gopakumar Radhakrishnan Passionately involved in promoting art and literature and humanitarian values around a decade through his renowned organisations PoiesisOnline.Com and

Quest of a Pagan

He is from south of India, Kerala State, Palakkad.  His ventures work as a great trustworthy, a promising platform for budding writers as well as for the professionals to showcase their talents.  Surely, these silent marathon efforts spanning over a decade has gifted many valuable things to poetry and literature and paved way as a great catalyst to kindle the spark of poetry within all around. Poetry has become dearer to all, especially in India.

When I entered to seek his personal mystery, I have become a kind of blessed to read and find such a person …

As a person, He firmly believes in giving back to the society with commitment, full-time involvement. He bestows his crucial idea's thoughts shared in social media in a beautiful way which ranges from contemporary to ancient. I would like to say, his articles, notes and writings have to be identified and read well. He is an asset to the world in many ways. He is known for his humanitarian values and its balancing nature. He believes in restoring the balance in the world.

Let's see an excerpt from his note to the leaders of all Islamic countries (….a recent one )

Recently, his open letter posted on Facebook addressed to all Islamic countries is a bold one and is seriously concerned about the crisis Muslims are facing all over the world. He says for real liberalisation, religious socialism, peace and mutual respect to happen in the world first of all nations like Saudi Arabia and many other Islamic countries should take a great one-sided initiative to promote a culture of religious tolerance, socialism and so on. To allow people from other religious backgrounds to mix and interact freely in these countries, allowing other religious people to build their religious and worshiping sites and so on…

His verses have great depth and vastness when he writes likes the one below….

‘When languages fail to fix it
and the word ‘Thanks ‘
Can’t share the warmth of gratitude
Only heart can host and route
Such formless flowing sentiments
Let me call this sea of fine feelings
 with high undercurrents as ‘The Soul Sea’'

His intellect is vast.

And this qualifies his poetic quest and finds its way to being related to the great poet William Wordsworth definition of the poet. “He is a man speaking to man. He has the sensibility”. His emotions and passions are more enthusiastic and powerful, Yes He has an admirable kind of imaginative power. 

His first poetry collection “Gypsy notes are the reflection of his life quest.” And Pagan – second collection, The Poetry of love towards nature and finding God’s presence in nature. For him, a poet is a pagan, so his religion is all about the idolization of Gods merits. Further, he says, we all are pagans. For Pagans, God is very near within and around us, not someone sitting far above who is punishing us always, for us it is a way of life, we are all pagans who love and feel god around in many forms and gives us back our souls.

Apart from being a man of poetry and words, he is also for the society and other writers all over the world. He conducts International contests for Rabindranath Tagore award for poetry and Bharat award for short stories. He has got the young poet award “from Indian poetry society for the year 2012 for his contribution to Indian English poetry.”

He speaks about his poetry "My silence helps me to fill the poetry that is not written and the vagabond within loves to gather and share it as a travelogue.”

Gopakumar’s philosophy goes likes this ‘Let us use our intellect and talents to save and lead the human race and never to prove that we are the best available in the market and to ditch anyone or make much noise and disintegration. We shall derive a divine satisfaction that we are useful in some way to someone while we are living”.

He is a kindest of a human being and has vast kindness in his heart. He wrote ''A poem from Heaven'' in remembrance of DAMINI, the rape victim in a touching way. For the country, he suggests financial Reservation for the genuinely poor and treats this as the immediate need of democratic India.

He believes in the way of Meditation, self-discipline and hard work. His verses are ranging from the society, person and to the celestial quest of Man. He paints it beautifully through his two splendid collections which are yet to be read by many.

His works are in general a kind of inspiration to all and his ways are cutting across all borders.  Being a multifaceted person he manages to find time for all the needy ones. It is very much understandable that it's not an easy job to handle such tasks very silently and in an admirable way. Yet he makes way for his meditation, interconnectivity, clearing the doubts of people as a good counsellor and so on. His services towards our society are great. I am sure that many around will also agree with this.

Talking about himself he says, I am not a theist or atheist or scientist. More specifically a classless person or you may find me always out of the classrooms. He is an ardent lover of this nature and its threads of connectivity. His chanting and perceptions are very special; one such golden thread goes likes this

''Let that multifaceted chaos and nuisance miserably fail while I meditate on millions of flowers blooming altogether.” Isn’t it attractive?

Aren’t we are blessed to have such a nice person with us?

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